Thursday, March 22, 2012

Some Snacks

Snacking is my downfall.  I snack all the time.  I snack even after I've eaten a meal and I'm full.   I totally understand how people can end up being 1,000 pounds.  I can relate.  Here's what I've been snacking on lately.

This first one I got from my sister Didi.  It's her current favorite breakfast bar.  She said this box is around $3.59 on sale at Safeway, $3.49 at Times and $4.59 at Foodland.  I've also seen it at Walmart.IMG_0788

Each pack contains four bars.

I don't know what else flavors they have, but the blueberry one that she gave me is goooood.

I loooooove this granola thin.   You can get this box of 36 for about $10 at Sam's Club.

It comes individually wrapped, and is only 80 calories each . . .

despite having a layer of dark chocolate on the bottom.

I bought this box of  Ritz Crackerfuls from Costco for around $8. 

They're two varieties in the box . . . cheddar and four cheese.

I think it would be a great snack for kids.

My cousin Gary sent five bags of this sunflower seeds to his sister Patty.  She shared one of the bags with me.

It's the best sunflower seeds EVER.  I love um cause it tastes natural and is not salty.  Thanks for sharing Patty!


Erick said...

That is some serious snacking. I'll come to your office tomorrow and help with the snacks.

Les said...

I like those Bevita thingys. I got a sample after the Straub run the other week. now I'm hungry. I better go to bed or else I'm gonna snack on something.

jalna said...

Erick, I no fool around when it comes to snacking!

Les, I try to brush my teeth early . . . but sometimes not early enough.

DNakamaru said...

I'm a 'snacker' too.... I love chips!

Betty Townsend said...

Oh, snacks are my downfall too. I want to look for these you have. My downfall is chocolate...right now there are wrappers from a Kit Kat snack bar, a Butterfingers snack bar and a Snickers snack bar by my computer...oh, and half a bag of Sweet & Sour Apricots that I ordered from Crack Seed Center back home. lol!!

jalna said...

Ohhhh I love chips too Dean!

Hahahaha!! Too funny Betty!

Carrie from Sam's Club said...

Jalna, snacks are always so hard to avoid! You listed a great variety of options. As a “snacker,” I thought you might be interested in checking out our Simply Delicious Meals page at which offers simple snack recipes that are easy and nutritious. The Chili Snack Mix is one of my favorites. Thanks for shopping at Sam’s Club! – Carrie from Sam’s Club

jalna said...

Thanks for the tip Carrie!