Monday, November 22, 2010

Rosalyn, Gordan and Family

Three years ago, Rosalyn, Gordan and Kaydon were the models for one of my very first family photo shoots! Unreal yeah! And then Megan came along and her photo got me in a National Geographic publication! More unreal yeah! Needless to say, this family is very special to me. I hope I can continue to take their Christmas card photos for many more years to come.










Betty Townsend said...

Love the family pictures you've been taking...these are awesome!

mmiissee said...

cute family! is that there van? not that much on the road these days. cool.

Randism said...

nashono geografik?!? holy macarel! i'm not wordy! i'm not wordy!!!!!!

jalna said...

Thanks Betty! This was at Moanaloa Park. Don't know why I never thought of going there sooner. It's beautiful there.

I know mmiissee! Soo cool!

Rand, I'm not wordy either . . . that was sooooo lucky.

K and S said...

so pretty!

Erick said...

Very nice! The kids are growing up.

jalna said...

Thanks Kat! I like go there again!

Thanks Erick!

SW said...

Nice! Soo funny..I just went there for the first time to see the Hitachi tree on Sunday afternoon and thought it would be a cools site for a family photo..and here it is... Great photos..

jalna said...

What a coincidence Shun Wah. Me and Celia were there that same morning.