Thursday, November 4, 2010

Last Day

I totally flaked out on Leslie on our last day in Seattle. I woke up early as usual though Les was up before me. I got dressed and finished packing, and then I just lay around watching TV. Les had heard of this good doughnut place called Top Pot Doughnuts which was a few blocks away, and she wanted to go check it out. She saw that I was lazy so she said that she could go by herself. Did I say, "No, no I'll go with you."? Nooooo. Did I say, "Don't be absurd, I'll help you out."? Nooooo. Did I say, "Are you kidding me? Go by yourself?" Nooooo. Instead I said something like, "Okay, see ya." She came back with a chocolate/chocolate, an old fashioned, a pumpkin and a glazed. Did I take a picture of the doughnuts? Nooooooooo. I stole this picture from their website. Sheese, what a loser. The doughnuts were good by the way.

After crusing for a bit longer, me and Les met Leslie's husband's cousin, Deb at Theo Chocolate and took a tour of their factory.






Then we had lunch at Nana's Soup House which was about a block away.

I had a Tuna Melt and Corn Chowder. It was wonderful.

Les had the Caprese Melt and Butternut Squash Soup.

Deb had the famous Baked Potato Soup. I forget which sandwich she got.

She also ordered us some Corn Muffins to go. They were some ono!

After lunch we headed to the airport and after circling around and around and around trying to find the correct entrance to the freeway, dropped off the rental car in a flash (they do it so fast - you just drive in a lane, they come and do a *beep* *beep* thing and load your luggage onto the shuttle at the same time - amazing), weighed in our 49.5 pounds each of luggage, and after a little bit of delay due to bad weather, were on our way home. Hooo hoooo!!

I don't travel a lot . . . I don't really like to . . . but I think you'll agree with me that this was one pretty awesome trip . . . even with the rain. Thanks Susie and Leslie for a fun-filled vacation which I will recall again and again as a very special time in my life.


Randism said...

great pictures; great stories! not sure if u mean the same ting but i HATE to fly (borz me to tears!) but i lub to travel! on anada note, u should make a photo book of your pictures!

jalna said...

You know what Rand, I think I mean exactly that. I'm not good at waiting. And being on that plane is like WAITING FOR DAAAAAAYSSSS. I agree, I should make a book. I guess I should give it a try . . . someday.

K and S said...

yum yum and yum!

jalna said...

Hahaha, funny Kat!

Betty Townsend said...

I'm not a good traveler least on road trips...little stops can be made along the way. :) Your pictures are great. One of these days I'll talk Gerry into going to Washington state...he'd probably go if he could ride his bike. lol!

jalna said...

Betty, I can imagine you behind Gerry on his bike, riding all the way up the West Coast!

Les said...

yah, I could've used another set of eyes that morning! You're lucky I got back in one piece!! contacts + new city + rainy morning = INSANITY! Good thing it was only close yah?

jalna said...

I wanna eat some of those doughnuts right now!

Erick said...

Les so nice, she brought you donuts even if you when ditch her. Ha ha, that is so funny. I know you where tired, I heard that before. Your lunch looks so ono.

jalna said...

I know Erick, so nice of Les yeah!

Fauset Photography said...

OK, I NEED chocolate NOW!!! :O)

jalna said...

Hahahaha, Jen, wish I had some myself. In fact I'll just go grab me a mini Almond Joy (leftover from Halloween).