Saturday, September 10, 2016

The Price of Beauty

This is my favorite face cream, but I stopped using it awhile back because it's just too expensive . . . around $75.  I got the jar below at a garage sale. It was $20. I actually also got a second jar for $15 because it was small-kine used. I hesitated for about two seconds because . . . you know . . . "germs". But 15 bucks! I had to.


It goes on your face so nicely . . . not a bit oily or greasy. And a little goes a long way. 

I bought this Eye and Lip Cream too . . . also for $20. I wasn't familiar with this product, so I busted out my phone and googled it. I saw that it normally sells for $130!!  And you know me and bargains . . . 

The directions say to use it around your eyes and around your mouth. I looooove this cream. It feels so smoooooth. If it looks like I haven't even touched it yet, it's because I haven't. So far I've only used what was stuck on the cap. 

On a side note, I want to warn you about ordering cosmetics from Amazon. One of my sisters ordered Meaningful Beauty Capsules for $60 from Amazon. She said that it turned out to be a knock-off product and wasn't anything like the real thing. You can click here to see what she ordered.  If you google "knock off products on amazon", you can find out more about this problem. There's a good article here


Anonymous said...

J: your remark "So far I've only used what was stuck on the cap" made me LOL fo' realz. You sooo akami and conservative, a lot like me. The best facial cream I tried was a sample from Neiman Marcus when our hotel had a makeover team from NM. I forget the name but it's made in France and a small jar goes for $250. I tried it on just my right cheek cuz it was real manini and that area was smooth and soft FOR DAYS. No joke, after bocha and all dat. kept touching it over and over and my skin felt soooo soft and smooth like baby's okolele. Fo Realz. I told my concierge friend about it and she knew the name cuz it's really that good.

Leslie's pics said...

SCORE! I hope no more cooties too...

Honolulu Aunty said...

Ho da expensive!!! Shiseido, Naris, Kanebo ARE really good products but I am too lazy to use them. I used to get sucked into the Liberty House promotions for Clinique, Estee Lauder, etc and then I would do the regime for about a week (cleanser, astringent, moisturier, topper, whatever) and then give up. I liked NuSkin - got the machine and all those blister packs but then couldn't remember which comes first and for how long, then I gave up. I liked Nerium (still smells a bit too earthy, imo) and put it on at night once in a great while when I want to feel "smooth"in the morning.

I should clear out my medicine cabinet - so much partially used stuff. Stuff from the internet that guaranteed a better face. I still have Shiseido whitening brightening bottles - you want them? I would feel bad just throwing them away and I promise I don't have transmittable disease (I think).

Pal Cookie is bringing me some thick sticky beauty cream from Korea that she says makes her beautiful. Already, I don't think I want it but I'll try, for a little while.

Why do we women have to chase these products, and men are just fine without? Not fair, sometimes.

K and S said...

I saw Aunty's post and want that cream!!

jalna said...

$250, N!!!! Holy cow!

So far no more itchies, Les. LOL.

I'll take um, Aunty!! But no need rush. My face care regimen is kinda haphazard anyway. And I agree that not fair that men don't have to worry about such things, but I must say that some of you ladies that I see at your reunions do look really great, you included.

mmiissee said...

yeah shiseido is expensive (in my opinion), but worth so worth it and really works. I like to Cetaphil facial cleanser and moisturizer. It makes my face smooth.

Kay said...

Darn, I thought things would be safe on Amazon. I guess I should be doing something better for my face, but I'm so lazy. And yes, Honolulu Aunty does look fabulous!

jalna said...

That's the cleanser I use, Mmiissee!

I know what you mean, Kay. I love Amazon, but now I know to be careful when ordering.