Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Me and Sweetie went to pick up yen this past Monday . . . YES . . . we are going to Japan again!  Yippeeee!  

Maybe because we are in Japan-mode already, we ended up at Namioto for lunch. It's located in the 808 Center on the corner of Rycroft and Sheridan. 



We decided to share a ramen and the Kushikatsu Set.



This is the Shoyu Tonkotsu with thin noodles ($11.95). The "healthy veggie broth" was very nice . . . mild and not overly oily.

The Kushikatsu Set ($10.95) contained one skewer each of sweet potato, cheese, baby corn, beef, pork, shrimp and chicken.

The sauce tasted kinda like tonkatsu sauce but on the sweeter side. 

Oishiiiiiii!  Notice all the shiru from the ramen is GONE.

Although the waiter pushed the kushikatsu saying that it was their specialty, I think next time I'd get just the ramen. 


Lorna Nishimitsu said...

takai, desu ne? Wow, the ramen in Japan is way cheaper than it is here!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Looking good! Thanks for the heads up about the set.

Susan said...

I'm so excited for your Japan trip. We didn't make it out as planned last month because my daughter and I couldn't get our schedules to sync : ( ...but we've moved our trip to March or April!! Can't wait! I'm too much of a ramen lover to share with someone, lol. Looks yummy!

Kay said...

I have never been there either. You go to the most interesting places! Wow! You're going back to Japan! So cool! We'll be going to Korea. It feels like it's been a while since we've been back to Japan. Mom doesn't want to fly for 8 hours so we're doing other stuff now.

K and S said...

looked good!

Anonymous said...

j: oh man, I gots to try this place now, again you are so 411 with good eats! Mahalo. N

Julie said...

Japan Trip!! How exciting! ... Yes, lot's of Yen needed for sure!!

jalna said...

So takai, Lorna!

I hope you get to try it, Aunty.

Oooooh, excited for you too, Susan!

Yah Kay, that 8-hour flight is grueling. Korea trip sounds wonderful.

I'm glad we chose to eat there, Kat.

N, they've only been open for 2 months, so pretty new still.

So exciting, Julie!

Leslie's pics said...

Getttting close!! I'm so excited for you! And excited for me cause I no need carry your bags! Woo hoo for the tour people!! Glad you checked out that place first, Kathy was saying she wanted to try over there too

jalna said...

Hahahahahaha!!! I bought a rolly carry on for me and another one for Sweetie. I told her it was an ahead-of-time thank you for having to be the one to do the heavy lifting.