Friday, September 9, 2016

Made in China

I'm such a hypocrite.  I poo poo "Made in China" products. I say that they're inferior, mass-produced, cheap junk.


Yet, when I found out that Longs was selling $3 watches, I rushed to the store to get me one.  


Lorna Nishimitsu said...

It's the food products that scare me. But here on Kauai, I can't find dried shiitake mushrooms that have been produced anywhere else. And I love shiitake. WTH???

Kay said...

$3??? Good grief!

mmiissee said...

Still good deal though right? only $3

Honolulu Aunty said...

LOL! Doesn't matter if it is made in China if it is only $3!!

Susan said...

Lol! I avoid made in China too. Can you tell us how long that watch works?

Anonymous said...

j: I know what you mean. I ordered some stuff off ebay and it was crap, luckily it was cheap so I got a refund. I bought off Amazon underwear and they didn't fit cuz asians are smaller than Americans even though the size was correct and I bought a size larger. Refunded again. Then my first order from Zulily was come to find out made in China. After my bad luck I try to avoid China made clothing I can't try on first.And it was awful clothes. Cheap jersey material and one outfit had what I can only call mini brown tire tracks as part of the 'design'. The prob was the 'tracks' was everywhere and sometimes only one track so it looked like I spilled coffee on my front and shoulders. In the pix the bodice was pure white not what looked like poop here and there. I noticed on the Zulily website it says something like 'made outside of US' or something. I didn't notice that now and I scrutinize each outfit I like and yup most are cheap see thru jersey made in China. China DOES have much cheaper products and some are made very well but it has to be under an American company's direction, me thinks. -N

jalna said...

I never even noticed that about shiitake, Lorna.

I know, Kay!!

And you know me and deals right, Mmiissee?

Totally, Aunty.

Hahahahaha, sure, Susan.

N, so funny your description of the tire track outfit!!! And I think you're right about American company's direction . . . like hydroflask . . . they're made in China, but is a well-made product.

Leslie's pics said...

I just hope you don't get a rash or your arm turns green!

jalna said...

Hahahaha! Planning to hang it from my bag when we go Japan, Les.