Sunday, October 11, 2015

Winner! and Book Giveaway


The winner of the Hello Kitty pouch is:


Congratulations Honolulu Aunty!! I'll drop off the pouch at your poker buddy's house.

Book Giveaway:

I follow a blog called Tokyo Five.  In August they had a book giveaway, and I won a book! I finally received it the other day.

These are the five books that they were giving away. I entered all five drawings, but the one I really wanted was Mastering Japanese Kanji.


I didn't win that one, but I did win Writing Japanese Katakana. I kinda already know katakana so I don't really need the book. Anybody want it? First one to email me at can have it. I'll update this post if/when there is a taker.

Update:  I got one taker!!


I copied and pasted the following description from Amazon.

This is an introductory guide and workbook to writing Japanese Katakana.

Anybody who is able to master English, with its irregular spellings and idiosyncratic pronunciations, is more than equipped to master written Japanese. The hiragana and katakana syllabaries are purely phonetic characters, which function much like the letters of the English alphabet. In this respect, kana are quite different from kanji characters, which are based on Chinese ideographs and which represent ideas. The katakana syllabary is used primarily to represent borrowed words (from languages other than Chinese), although it is also used for botanical names and is sometimes used in place of hiragana or kanji for emphasis. In some ways, the use of katakana in Japanese parallels the use of italics in English.

Writing practice is the most effective method of mastering written Japanese, and the large open format of this workbook is designed to invite the student to pick up a pencil and start writing. Written Japanese comprises two phonetic syllabaries, hiragana and katakana, and a set of kanji characters that are based on Chinese ideographs. This workbook has been carefully designed to facilitate the quick and easy mastery of the 46–character katakana alphabet, making it the perfect tool to begin the process of mastering written Japanese. Each character is introduced with brushed, handwritten and typed samples that enhance character recognition. Extensive space for writing allows maximum practice to facilitate memorization and to ensure proper character formation. Entertaining illustrations and amusing examples of loan–words that use katakana in Japanese writings further reinforce memorization in a fun way. Writing Katakana is tailored to the specific needs of young students of the Japanese language, but is also well suited to beginning students of any age. This workbook contains:
  • grayed–out, trace–over characters for correct character construction.
  • Extensive practice in writing sentences for maximum reinforcement.
  • Supplementary explanations, including a brief history of the origin of each character, to foster visual recall.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh so happy Honolulu Aunty won! She's a cool lady and I love her blog too. Congrats, Aunty (though I moe old den you) -N

jalna said...

Me too, N!!

Kay said...

I'm so happy for Auntie! Yae!!!

Susan said...

Aww congratulations Honolulu Aunty, so glad you won !!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Hurray!!!!! Hurray!!!!!

Thank you, thank you, I just got home and checked and found out I won!!!

Thanks for the kind words, N! I really like people who are older than me....

Nippon Nin said...

What? I didn't win? oh, well.... Congratulations Honolulu Aunty! I agree, Anuty is so cute and funny!

I heard that writing is good for your brain. I have a book called 'Correct way to write Japanese' wait to see I get smarter...

K and S said...

whoo! Honolulu Aunty:)

Mark Shelby said...

I guess if I were a girl I would love to have anything Hello Kitty made by Jalna fo shu!

But since I'm a guy. I have to finally admit, dat would look so funny on my shoulder! ; )

So I am so sorry for never registering! ; )

You so fun Jalna! ; )

jalna said...

I beg to disagree, Mark. I think it would've looked so kuuuuute on your shoulder!

Mark Shelby said...

OK den! Maybe da girlz would see my softer side! .....hehe! ; )