Friday, October 2, 2015

Cross-body Phone Pouch

I usually carry my cell phone in my pants pocket, but sometimes it's not possible . . . mostly because my pants are getting tight again. Bah! I decided to try and make a small phone pouch. 

I wanted the pouch to be padded, so it was as good a time as any to try my hand at quilting. I'd never done it before, but after watching a lot of YouTube videos I was ready.  I forgot to document the process and had to fish these scraps outta the trash for this picture.  I layered the fabric like this. Outer fabric, batting, and inner lining.

Back in the day they used to pin the fabrics together before sewing, but now they use this temporary fabric adhesive instead. It works wonderfully. I found this at Walmart. It was expensive . . . around $9. I looked on Amazon and it's expensive there too, and they don't ship it here.

I don't know if you absolutely must use a quilting foot, but this came with my machine so I used it. It has "feed dogs" on it that help move the top fabric along while the feed dogs on the sewing machine itself move the bottom fabric. Thick material just glides along!  So cool, yah! 

I chose this fabric because of the "gridlines" that are already on it. It was easy to just follow the lines to quilt the three pieces together. Only thing . . . I forgot to change to a stronger needle for the thicker material and . . . yup, I broke another needle. 

I had juuuuust enough fabric to make two pouches . . . one for me and one to share.  It's 3 1/2 x 6 inches, and it fits my iPhone 6. 

I sewed a velcro-down strip of fabric over the top of the pouch after this picture was taken to prevent the phone from accidentally falling out. 

If you can make use of this pouch, let me know . . . First one to email me can have it. I'll update this post if/when it goes.

Update:  Got one taker!  Next giveaway is gonna be a Hello Kitty pouch!  I'm still working on it . . . not pau yet.  I'm thinking of making it a drawing instead of "first taker" 'cause it's so cute . . . 



Lorna Nishimitsu said...

You, my dear, are going to have to quit your day job and dedicate your time to being a bag designer/creator. You not only come up with great ideas, you IMPLEMENT! And flawlessly.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Such a good idea! And so cute!

I miss a lot of calls/texts because I don't carry around my phone in the house so I would sometimes use an apron with pockets but that would be a pain to remember and tie on.

You are such a wonderful one woman sewing factory!

K and S said...

nice! you should sell on etsy!

Anonymous said...

So cute! You're so talented, Jalna! I love seeing your recreations.

Erick said...

So cute, does it come in blue?

jalna said...

Awww, thank you, Lorna!

Thanks, Aunty. I'm like that at home sometimes too.

I wish I were ambitious enough to sell on etsy, Kat.

Thank you, Jowee!

I can make you one blue one, Erick!!

Kay said...

Cute, cute, cute! I just got an iPhone 6s last week and still learning how to use it. It's different from my 4s. You are so uber talented!

Honolulu Aunty said...

So I saw the winner last night at a poker game and she let me borrow her cute phone case. I promised to make one for one of the poker gang so he can use it when he travels this month. He wants an outside pocket for his WIFI thing (still not sure what that is).

Question: where did you get the cute little D rings for the straps?

Kay said...

I agree that you should sell these on line.

jalna said...

Thank you, Kay!!

Aunty, I originally ordered the D rings from Amazon, but when they came, they were waaaaay too big in gauge. I returned them. The ones I use now were ordered by my coworker through eBay. I might need to ask her to order for me some of the adjustable buckles that I put on my latest pouch too.

Nippon Nin said...

Way too cute! I'm late for this one but I hope I win the Hello Kitty one.

This could be a nice business, I think...

Betty Townsend said...

It's called a walking foot, jalna. I don't use one for small projects. Cute phone case.