Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Senior Citizen Discount at Don Quijote

Tuesday is Senior Citizen discount day at Don Quijote.  I think it's 5%. And I think you gotta be over 60. The discount is only on certain items, and sale items don't count. 


Hoo hoo. Every bit helps. Thanks Don Q.


Lorna said...

Senior discounts are good! I always try to get to Foodland on Thursdays for my senior discount, and that's pretty much the only time when I'm have to be the age I am. Otherwise, I wish I was 30 again!

Anonymous said...

J: hey don't go crazy trying to spend all of that 37-cents! the best senior bargain is Ross's on I think, Tuesdays. They're good cuz it's over age 50-something. Already great savings on bargains -N

Mokihana said...

It all adds up, yeah? You could start a piggybank and watch those amounts grow!

Kay said...

Did you know Ross has 10% Senior discount on Tuesdays too? Then there's the senior drink at Wendy's. :-)

jalna said...

I have to remember that, Lorna. Thursdays . . . Foodland.

I love to shop at Ross, N.

It does yah, Moki.

Senior drink at Wendy's? Thanks, Kay!

Les said...

hahahah awesome!

Nippon Nin said...

Happy King Kamehameha Day! I made SPAM musubi today! And listen to IZ music! His rendition of Over the Rainbow is incredible!

I love your positive thinking. We don't have Don Quijote here and Ross is too far from my conclusion, gasoline is more expensive than Senior citizen discount....wait, I'm not over 60. I love shopping (more like browsing) and good bargain.

Honolulu Aunty said...

I love getting older - because of discounts! Can't wait until I finally get Zippy's senior discounts but I think I have to be 65.

Shirokiya on Wednesdays also gives us 10% - great for buying bentos.

You get senior drinks at McDonald's too, but the cups are getting smaller and the price went up little bit.

jalna said...

LOL, kinda funny yah, Les.

You're so cute, Akemi!

Aunty, I think I gotta make one list.

Mark Shelby said...

A little math.... just for fun ; )

$62.13 purchase

at 10% off = $6.20 savings
at 5% off = $3.10 savings
at 1% off = $0.62 cents savings

....and the Grande finale actual percent savings which is totally embarrassing in my humble opinion! ; )

$0.37 cents savings = a 0.06% discount!

I've been having fun at my local Taco Bell lately. I finally figured out they give a 10% senior discount or a free drink cup! Sweet! I take the free drink. So if I order a $1.00 burrito and I get a free $1.00 drink included. Does that equal a 100% discount or a 50% discount. This has been a test...... ; )

Erick said...

Whoo Woo! Big savings.

jalna said...

Whoa Mark. I do believe that's a 100% discount for you. Wonder if our Taco Bell has that discount. In fact, now that I think about it . . . wonder if we got any Taco Bell's left here.

I know, Erick!!

Mark Shelby said...

Thanks Jalna!

Math is a fun and funny thing at the same time. It can be mysterious at times too, depending on the question asked I guess also. It can be tricky!

You are partially correct that I got a 100% discount. But more info is needed. ; )

Yes the $1.00 soda was 100% free. But we must evaluate it as a normal purchase with senior discount just like your sale, and evaluate from the Total. So here comes the fun part, that will twist your brain cells ; )

My order.....

$1.00 ....Burrito
$1.00 ....Soda

= $2.00 total plus tax.

Discount= free $1.00 soda

Total = $1.00 plus tax

The stats.....

Total sale $2.00

Total discount $1.00 free soda.

Total % discount = 50% off the original $2.00 order. Not 100% ; )

See how that works. I just love math! ; )

My teachers used to try and trick me all da time, das why I know! ;)

I hope you had fun with my test! ; ) ; ) ; )

Jus having fun ya know.......carry on with your sweet self! ; )

jalna said...

Mark . . . you lost me at ""more info is needed". Hahahaha!!