Friday, May 29, 2015

Kids vs. Natto

I can totally relate to these kids.

Thanks for sharing, Gary and V!


Susan said...

Lol, I thought I would try it after you posted about it before because they have small containers of it at this bento store, but never had the courage to...and after watching this I think I will just try it since that last guy said we should experience for when I will do this? Maybe when I go to Japan next week!! Funny video haha

jalna said...

HAVE A NICE TRIP, SUSAN!!!!!!!!! (I am yelling across the ocean to you!) My sisters say that Japan breakfast buffets have the best ones.

Kay said...

I am the ONLY one in the family who just won't eat it. I'm constantly being told how healthy, delicious and wonderful it is. Maybe... I should try it... just once.

celia said...

I agree with you Jalna. I can totally relate to these kids.

Mark Shelby said...

.....LOL! I've seen you talk about how nasty it is before Jalna. Too funny! Kids are So Funny!

I really feel for those kids, and you had me so laughing, because I just had my very own bad food experience! Ug!

Well today I had to actually return some tube packaged ground hamburger to Wal Mart because it tasted like Natto! Although I have never had Natto! But I can only imagine this is what Natto tastes like while pretending to be ground hamburger! ; )

I will neva buy that mystery tube so called ground hamburger again! No more mystery hamburger tube for me! I want to see fresh ground hamburger under the clear cellophane! It was not ground hamburger! It was clearly "mechanically separated meat product" With bone bits and the dreaded pink slime inside! UG! It looked like meat mush drenched in pink slime! Worse than spam for God's sake! At least spam is more hard!

You've seen mechanically separated turkey right? This looked just as bad but they called it ground beef and made it look way too pink to fake you out! Geeez!

I had bought two pounds at just $2.77 per pound because I thought that was a good deal. But when I made my first 1/3 pound burger last night I could only eat less than half of it and then I had to throw it out! Yuk! It was pink slime mechanically separated goo! You could not even form a proper hamburger patty with it for God's sake!

First time I have thrown out a hamburger in 50 years! And I certainly know what a proper hamburger tastes like!

So not to be outdone or hornswoggled!.....I took the rest of my fake pink slime pretend ground hamburger back to Wal Mart today! Because they have a satisfaction guarantee! Now it was the principle of the thing for me!

It was like my own Natto Rebuke! ; )

Then I had to argue with the two ladies behind the counter. Although they could clearly see it was pink slime mechanically separated meat!

I warned them that if I do not get a refund, I am taking this fake pink slime ground beef to the California Health Dept. in San Diego and file a complaint and there will be HE*L to pay!

I immediately got my refund for the pink slime fake ground hamburger.

Whew! What an ordeal!

No more Natto fake pink slime tube hamburger for me eva! I learned my lesson!

Anonymous said... shoulda made natto dip for the ritz cracker contest! ;)

jalna said...

I totally wish I could like it, Kay. It is supposed to be so healthy for you. Wouldja believe that two of my sisters only started eating it two years ago when they tasted "good kine" at the breakfast buffets in Japan?

Right, Celia?!

Mark, Mark, Mark. That sounds absolutely horrendous. I never heard or saw "mechanically separated" anything. What in the world? Now I gotta go goggle it.

Anon . . . ACK!!!

Nippon Nin said...

Hey you guys, I love natto! I know looks and smell a bit offensive but I grow up with this and really, really good for you. I think there are no gray area on this. Either you like it or you hate be or natto be!

Les said...

hahaha so funny...i've tried to eat it many times, hoping that one day i'll enjoy it. I've had sishi chefs mix it with all kinds of stuff to mask it but it never works. bleh!!

I was cracking up..."CARAMEL!!....." I totally can relate to the gagging thing!

jalna said...

Akemi, I think you're right . . . I tried and I tried, but I don't like it.

That "CARAMEL!" girl was so cute, Les.

Erick said...

Ha Ha Ha, that was funny. Say "NO" to natto.

Kay said...

What? There's "good kine?" Seriously? I'll look for it next time we're in Japan...

Hmmmm... maybe.