Sunday, January 25, 2015

Wendell's Squash with Chicken

This recipe is from the past Wednesday's The Electric Kitchen in the Star Advertiser.  The article says that the recipe is compliments of retired Kapolei High School culinary arts teacher Cynthia Pratt. It can be found here



Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh looks good! Where did you get the squash? I just went to Chinatown Friday and bought a SMALL squash and had my dollar ready and the lady said that will be $3.50 please. I was shocked!

jalna said...

Mich, Wendell said he bought his from Foodland and it was $2something a pound. He said that three small ones cost him about $3something.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Yum, looks good!

I have a squash from the open market and was thinking of making chicken squash. Unusual that the recipe isn't the typical Japanese one with mirin, shoyu and hondashi.

I think I'll try Wendell's. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I love pork hyotan, so simple to make. Just use hondashi, shoyu, mirin and sugar all to taste. Hyotan is so easy to grow and I had 10-15 lb. ones. I don't know why it's so expensive. I harvested like over 20 of them though the vine grew like 50 feet and into the neighbor's yard. I'm gonna grow 'em again soon. Even the farmer's market is $2/lb. sheesh.-N

Mark Shelby said...

Two nights ago I found Pork Shoulder at my local grocery store for only $0.99 cents per pound! I have been waiting for that to happen again! I bought 10 pounds! That was three.

I slow cooked it in my crook pot for 14 hours, with hickory smoke flavor, red onion, sea salt, garlic and ginger.

In the morning the meat just falls apart! By lunch I added some veggies. Cabbage, yams, broccoli, carrots, Brussels sprouts. An entire meal in one pot!

Made white rice on da side!

So then tonight....tired of eating the same old thing leftovers, I made Pork Tacos!

I fried my corn tortillas in oil on the stove into taco shells.

Added red onion, pepper jack cheese, spinach for the greens to be healthy!

And then salsa! I even made home made salsa. And also home made refried beans from Pinto beans and Spanish rice!

I was rockin' da kitchen tonight ladies! ;)


jalna said...

It was really ono, Aunty. I think you'll like it.

Wow, I'm so envious of your green thumb, N.

OMG, sounds so good, Mark!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Here's my super simple recipe for long squash:

use those chicken meatballs from Costco, I usually cut them in half.
cook with cut up squash.
add little undiluted somen/soba sauce for little more flavor.

Susan said...

Reminds me of tinola. It's about $1+ here and it's called upo in filipino. I remember my mom used to have me take out the seeds when she buys big ones. It's a lot of work so buy the young ones and you won't have to worry about seeds...because the seeds are small and soft when cooked.

Mark Shelby said...

One fun thing my ex taught me. Take a small round acorn squash and slice it in half. Cut each bottom a little if you have to, to make it sit flat upright in your flat oven pan. You can use a cookie sheet. Take out any seed or extra stringing stuff. Poke holes with knife and sprinkle Brown Sugar all over and some butter! Broil for appropriate time.

When it comes out, you have yummie awesome Squash Candy! It's a great side dish with steak and veggies and side salad.

Nippon Nin said...

Looks so nice! You're lucky girl, Jalna!

Dear Mark, Your crook pot recipe sounds really good too.

jalna said...

That sounds wonderful, Anon! I already love those meatballs.

"Tinola"? Interesting. Never heard of that, Susan. Gonna google it right now.

Sounds good, Mark. I just read your recipe to Wendell. Maybe he'll make it!

I know, Akemi. I'm so spoiled.

Kay said...

Oh yum! That looks delicious and healthy!

Susan said...

Tinola is actually a soup, but it has the chicken, ginger, and papaya. I did make it with the squash one time when I couldn't get the papaya. People also put little oval leaves called malungay (I'm sure this grows in HA), or chili pepper leaves too. I think they always have it at the Filipino restaurants.