Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stuck at Home

Since I was stuck at home on Saturday, I decided to spend the day in Hokkaido exploring the areas we're gonna be in on our trip next year.  I'm so excited already.

This mosquito came and kept me company for about half an hour.  Maybe he was taking a nap.

Since I had busted out my camera to get a shot of the mosquito, I decided to stretch my legs and go outside for a bit.  Here's the lemon plant that got semi-eaten by Damn Rabbit.  Look at how nice the newly sprouted leaves are.  Below them are the curled up leaves that were affected by the Citrus Leafminer and below those you can see a half-eaten leaf.

Even the heavily traumatized remnant twig is showing signs of life. 

Our tangerine tree got plenty fruit right now.

Here's another visitor from Saturday.

That's it for my backyard tour.


K and S said...

nice shots even if you were stuck at home :)

waibu said...

Nice pics is that one hairy leg the mosquito is sitting on or is it one chair? Ooo sorry if that's your leg.

Tangerines look good.

Lorna said...

Your photos are spot-on. Crisp and clear, it's like I'm staring that anole in the face (and it has a sassy look doesn't it?).

jalna said...

Thanks Kat.

Hahahaha Waibu, no not my leg . . . one dusty lamp.

Thanks Lorna. Really, he was just looking at me totally unafraid.

Leslie's pics said...

wow your feet must be sore...Hokkaido is a big place! :-)

Dd said...

Sooo....I couldnt see what food we are eating on your daily log ?? ;o}

jalna said...

Yah, but I was dressed warmly, Les!!

OMG Didi, da food!! Oh da food!!

Nippon Nin said...

You're going to Hokkaido? Japan? Really? Wow! I'm totally jealous. Nice shot on green...(can't come up with name)creature.

jalna said...

Yah Akemi, me and my three sisters are going!!