Saturday, June 8, 2013


The other day when me, Geri and Sweetie were at Panda Travel Agency signing up for their Sapporo Snow Festival tour, Sweetie was surprised when her neighbor appeared from another room.  This neighbor has lived in the same condo as her for years, and although they were never formally introduced she knew that his name was Adeki from his personalized license plate.

I was talking to the travel agent who was helping us when Sweetie introduced him to Geri, but I heard him say, "Call me Ken."  Then she introduced him to me and said, "This is my neighbor Adeki."  I said, "Ooohh, hello!"  And again he said, "You can call me Ken."  

Before we left, he gave each of us a business card, and said that if we needed anything we could contact him.  While walking to the car, I looked at the card.  It said *Ken Ikeda* on it.  I thought, "Huh?"  Suddenly it dawned on me . . . ADEKI is IKEDA spelled backwards!!!!  

So, you see peoples . . . it's hereditary.


K and S said...

lol too funny :)

jalna said...

Ain't it!!

mmiissee said...

lmao. I would have never known too.

Erick said...

Ha, ha, ha, that explains a lot.