Saturday, February 2, 2013

Valuable Marbles

The picture below is from eBay.  I got all excited when I saw it because I had just bought THREE marbles from an antique store a few weeks ago that look EXACTLY like the red/yellow/white marbles in the picture. I had been wondering if I got a good deal.

When I saw the marbles in the antique store I thought that they were so pretty and cool looking and hoped that maybe they were old and valuable. They were about $10 each.

Guess how much these eBay marbles went for.

See below.

99 cents for the whole bunch!   Ack, I so don't know my marbles!


Leslie's pics said...

hahahahaha!!! so funny!

K and S said...

aw boo :0

Kalin's Mommy said...

Don't get still learning!

DNakamaru said...

You so funny!

jalna said...

I know, Les!

Lose money yah, Kat.

Mich, you're right, I am learning.

Hahahaha, it is funny, Dean.

Nippon Nin said...

I'm laughing too. They are so pretty though.

jalna said...

Akemi, I actually had to laugh too.