Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saturday with Geri

Since it was raining this past Saturday me and Geri decided to skip going to the swap meet.  We decided to check out a bead show that was being held at the Blaisdell instead.

The admission was free, and I was surprised that there were a lot of vendors there.  There were lots and lots of beads and beading items to pick from . .  . at discounted rates.  It was so tempting . . . you could end up spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars . . . but I didn't.  I spent a total of 5 bucks. These were in a basket labeled "20 pieces for $10".  Geri picked 10 pieces and I picked 10.  I'm gonna add them to my rock collection.

I thought this bead was especially interesting.  Geri knew exactly what it was and said that it was a Tibetan dzi bead.  You can find out more about the beads here.  I'm sure that this particular one is an inexpensive modern-day replica, but the real ones are very, very old and worth a lot of money.

After we were done checking out the beads we went over to Shirokiya. We were both surprised to see this Kulu Kulu place.  The girl there said that they just opened up in October. 

This is their Soft Souffle Cheesecake.  It was very, very oishiiiii.  Soft, light and airy.  Sorry, I can't remember how much it cost . . . $2 something or $3 something, I think.

This was also very good. It was denser than the cheesecake . . . maybe a chocolate brownie?  I might as well tell you that I don't remember how much this one costs too.   This review sucks yah! 

Since we were already sitting down cruising, we decided to bust out the musubis we had just bought.  We had them with some Yuzu Honey Tea . . .  something like that. 

I opened up this mochi set that I had bought too.  I didn't really care for it.  The mochi was bumpy . . . like they neva pound um enough.  I guess it's supposed to be like that but . . . eh, not so good to me.

You know how I normally don't really care for ume . . . I think it's too sowah . . . but since Les' and my ume search in Japan, I've been on a quest to find some good ones here in Hawaii.  Well, I found this at Shirokiya, and if you paid attention to my previous Ume 101 post, you'd know that Hachimitsu means "honey", Kishu ume are made with the finest Nanko plums and 8% reflects the amount of salt (fairly low). Everything looked good to me so I decided to risk the $8 something cost and bought it.

It is a WINNAH!!!  Very, very nice with some rice.  I have to force myself to eat just one.

Shirokiya has changed a lot and is not so much a "market" anymore.  So after our snack(s) we went to Marukai to do some marketing and made sure we stocked up on some rayu.  Then we headed to Andy's Kahuku Shrimp to pick up some soondubu (Korean soft tofu stew) to take home.  

That was a fun day.


K and S said...

fun times!

Dd said...

oh oh....annuddah ume action...oh oh....btw..I love love love that rice from Shirokiya they use in the musubi..think its a 8 or 9 grain, I asked a lady once if I could buy it somewhere in the store, to cook ?? she couldn't understand my ahemm..Japanese..;o{

Anonymous said...

Andy's sells soondubu? Thanks for the the tip!

Erick said...

Cool rocks and the cheesecake looks so yummy!

jalna said...

Sure was Kat!

So funny Didi . . . your Japanese must be like Leslie's. I don't know what she's trying to say either . . . hahaha!

Anon, they got all kine Korean food there . . . and soondubu comes with rice and four side dishes.

Thanks Erick!

YJ said...

I passed by you just as you were at the Kulu Kulu Cake counter... I debated whether to tell you that I read your blog but got cold feet :)

jalna said...

Awww YJ, I know how it is . . . I get shy sometimes too. But I get so tickled when I meet people who read my lowly blog . . . so maybe next time!

:) josefina :) said...

I just had a soft souffle type cake from this new place in California, called Paris Baguette. It is similar to Panya and it is all the rage over there. Pastry and coffee and other drinks. Sandwiches, too!

jalna said...

Ooooohhhhh, sounds so good, Jos!