Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Bird Feeder

The bird feeder that I bought at the swap meet hung on our tangerine tree for over a month before the birds came.


I thought I would have a variety of birds, but only these Java sparrows came.  And they're noisy and mean.  All they do is squawk and fight with each other while they're eating.  And worse of all . . .

They hang out on the next-door neighbor's rain gutter.  Aiyaiyai!!!

So I cut the feeder down. 

And put it on a bucket in the middle of our back yard.

This was one of the first birds to come. I looked him up . . . he's a house finch.

Anyway, the last of the bird food is in the feeder now.  When it's all gone, and it won't take long, I'm gonna trash the feeder.  Too much squabbling not good for the feng shui.


Leslie's pics said...

wow your house must be noisy, huh? first the ice machine, and now fighting birds? The neigbors are gonna hate you! hahahaa!

jalna said...

They ate all the food already. It's gonna be quiet again.

Erick said...

Bird brains.

Dd said...

OMGoodness, so some are girl birdies and some are boy birdies....I noticed the differences in the coloring...

jalna said...

Hahahaha, funny, Erick.

Yah Didi, and had some baby ones too.

Mark Shelby said...

OH! This thread is Kewl Jalna! I remember when all of a sudden all of the Finches would show up at our house too! And they keep squeaking/squawking! OH MY da noise! They are not native to Hawaii! They are bird pets from a pet store that got loose. Now they are running wild! EEECK!

jalna said...

Mark, mostly I neva like them hanging around on my neighbor's roof . . . made me all nervous about mites and poop.