Sunday, January 20, 2013

From Nijiya Market

Here are just a few stuff that I bought at Nijiya Market recently. 

This cheese cake was almost $7.  I was hoping that it would taste like the one from Kulu Kulu Cake.  But it didn't.  It didn't even taste like cheese cake . . . it was more like a butter pound cake . . . and it tasted good . . . but still pound cake is pound cake and cheese cake is cheese cake.


This ume turned out to be really good.  I think it was $6 something.  I kinda like to eat it as a snack instead of with my rice.  I been liking rayu with my rice.

Speaking of rayu . . .  turns out Nijiya makes its own rayu!  It was $5.  It was kinda good, but I think I like the Marukai one better. 

This inari sushi was really, really good.  It was $4.49.

This Tako Karaage was $3.49.  The flavor was good, but it was kinda tough.  If it was tender, it woulda been winnahs.

Mmiissee recommended Nijiya's vegetable salads, so I grabbed this tofu salad.  It was only $2.99.   It came with a shoyu wasabi dressing, and it was yummy.  I must admit though that the wasabi stinged my nose and made me cry, but it was worth it.  Hahahaha.


Erick said...

Cool shots! Just looking at the ume makes my mouth pucker up. LOL

jalna said...

Funny Erick! Hahahaha!

mmiissee said...

I love the tofu salad with their ono dressing. Cheap too = )

jalna said...

Thanks for the tip, Mmiissee!