Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Allison and

My coworker Allison posted this on Facebook:

"Don't EVER EVER buy anything from!!! My payment didn't go through, I called them three times to make the payment, and they sent me to a claims department before they finally processed my payment. Got the TV and it was defective, dealt with tech support and Vizio for months before I could return it. Tried to return to store and had to take the TV back a second time before they could... process the return. Still haven't gotten the refund and they are telling me they refunded it. I called and went to the store. Online says I need to do it in store, in store says I need to do it online. Both say they show the money has been refunded. I GUARANTEE you I DONT have the money!!!"

Allison said that they finally resolved everything, but sheeze, I sure don't wanna ever go through what she went through.


Randism said...

i don't remember what it was but i was a member of sam's (keeaumoku) and something drove me nuts; swore i'd never voluntarily go there again!

jalna said...

Too bad yeah Rand.

Anonymous said...

Their "click and shop " website is messed up also, its inventory is always wrong, showing very inaccurate counts. Ive gone there and found nothing on hand. Its happened more than once. Their customer service skills arent very professinal either. They need to get themselves coordinated.

jalna said...

Anon, you would think a big company like that would have their act more together.