Saturday, October 8, 2011

Just Stuff

Here are just some miscellaneous stuff.

Ailey's mom Jamie gave me this.  Sooooo cute yah!!!   I asked Landon to drill a small hole on the top so that I could attach the loop thing.   Now I have it dangling from my camera!!  Thanks Jamie!!  I love it.

Coworker Rachel had her nails done at Nail Tek in Mililani.  She said this cost her $50.  So pletty!

Some weeds at the Ala Wai Community Garden.

Coworker Melissa got this at Trader Joe's.  I wasn't expecting it to be good 'cause it's turkey.  But it was ono.

CQ bought this for me.  The taste is veeeeery interesting.  It's umekobucha.  Don't really know how to explain the taste except it's ume + kobu + cha.  I liiiiiiike it!

My hanabata days girlfriend Zsa's daughter Shelley e-mailed me yesterday to tell me that she found these at Ross.  I went there today, and there were still a few left.  I think I got the last Cinnamon Chip Bread Mix.  I haven't tried that one yet.  They were only $2.69.  I ordered "something" from Amazon recently that might be neat to add to it.  I don't wanna tell you what it is yet.  It's a surprise.  It's gonna be my next prize giveaway.  You just gotta wait.  It should  be arriving next week or so.

I can't stop buying these from Walmart.  I just love um.  I love how they look.  I love how they feel.  I even love the clicking noise they make when you jiggle um around in your hand.  I'm thinking of making some key loop holder things with um and maybe give away for Chrismas.  I'll include one in my giveaway with the other "secret" something. 

The dress shrank.  It's tight around the chichis.  Despite the objections of everybody I was gonna wear my puka pants to the reunion tonight.   Heeeey, the puka is really small; you can barely see it.  Fay (Ailey's grandma) called me and said that there is no way I am gonna wear that pants so she went shopping and bought me two new pants, a white one and a black one.  I really didn't expect to like um.  I suspected they would be tight and uncomfortable.  I was WRONG!! I tried them on at Fay's house.  I bent.  I squatted.  I did all my picture taking moves.  Soooo comfortable.  I love them, especially this white one.  Thank you Fay!!!!!

This is Wendell's sock drawer.  It is stuffed!

This is my favorite bento.  It's from Mitsu-Ken.  I know, I know . . . scandalous.    But I like it.

K, now I got less than an hour for a beauty nap before getting ready for the reunion.  *sigh*  That's not enough time.  *sigh*


Betty Townsend said...

Love the post...a nice assortment of stuff. The Hello Kitty is so cute. What a special friend to go shopping for you!! I went to Walmart to get some of those beads, the Walmart that is closest to us didn't have anything like that. That bento looks so yum!

Have a great time at your reunion...looking forward to seeing pictures...

Leslie's pics said...

$50 for a manicure??? holy crap! I think you're lying about the dress. You just no like wear um.

I'm soooo jellos about the hello kitty thingy. I'm gonna go find the machine she won um from. I want one!!!

Am I allowed to enter your contest even though I already know what the surprise is and I already got some? I want some more. Mines not gonna be enough :)

Lance said...

Thanks for sharing! Thought it was cool that Fay knew your size. Loved your comment "scandalous"

jalna said...

Thanks Betty. I love my Hello Kitty charm! And yes Fay is da bomb shopper. Too bad you can't find the beads. I'm back from the reunion. Had a great time!

Hey I promise Les, it went shrink. Sure you can enter the contest. I not strict.

Lance, I was soooo amazed that Fay found something for me. . . super shopper yah!! I dunno why I feel bad for liking Mitsu-Ken's bento, like I shouldn't.

mmiissee said...

Do you know where I can purchase the tea from?
I didn't think Ross's sells Dassant, but now, I can go there instead of purchasing online.

jalna said...

Oh, I meant to mention, Mmiissee. . . CQ bought the tea from Don Quixote. I had heard that Ross carries Dassant sometimes but this is the first time I've seen it there, and they didn't have much. I bought it from the Hawaii Kai branch.

K and S said...

I think Wendell gotta fling some of those socks...

jalna said...

AHAHAHAHAHA Kat, I think so too!!!

The Little Foodie said...

Ha ha. Tiny puka.
I have some jeans with large holes. I still wear them. I can't stop. They're my favorite! I won't tell you where the holes are.

The Hello Kitty camera is so cute. Kawaiiii!

jalna said...

Hahahahaha, I love you Mariko!