Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mitch's Sushi

We went to Mitch's the other night to celebrate Wendell and Landon's birthdays. It was my first time there, and I was surprised at the not-so-great-looking exterior. 


But that didn't matter . . . because inside, the food did not disappoint. 

Toro Sashimi

Top Row: California Roll. Middle Row (left to right): Abalone, Toro and Negitoro Roll. Bottom Row (left to right): Hamachi, Salmon, Ama Ebi

Sushi Matsu

Van Van

Lobster Van Van

Tako Wasabi

Salmon Skin Roll and Unagi

Scallop/Mayo and Hamachi

It's not someplace you can go to often because was choke $$$ . . . but on special occasions, it's totally worth it.


jenny said...

oh my gosh, i've been wanting to come here for so long! you folks had like my dream meal! glad you folks could celebrate here!

jalna said...

Oh Jenny, I hope you get to go there soon. Knowing your tastes, I'm sure you'll love it.

kobi said...

Always wanted to try but afraid of the choke &$$.

jalna said...

Kobi, I know what you mean.

Unknown said...

Mmmmm. Hamachi sashimi.

Susan said...

We have our go to sushi place too that we go to only if our daughter treats, lol, because it is $$$. Good looking sushi choices!

Anonymous said...

No raw scallops?;)

Honolulu Aunty said...

I'm choking already, and I don't even know the place! I am hungry for hamachi now.

Anonymous said...

j: took a look at Yelp for this place - man. you know where to go - and hot damn it is pricey. Read the Chef's special is $110 but every review was almost a rave, saying the price is worth it. -N

K and S said...

looks good!

DNakamaru said...

I've heard how good it is - the toro looks sooooo good!

I gotta go now!

jalna said...

Lorna, that's Wendell's favorite too!

Oh you so lucky that your daughter treats sometimes, Susan! LOL!

Anon, Wendell did have the scallops and mayo. But I neva say anything.

LOL, Aunty!

N, it was my birthday present to the both of them so it really was worth it.

Kat, my orders were the Cali roll, salmon skin roll and the unagi . . . not anything raw. And I really enjoyed them.

Dean! I hope you get to go someday!

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! That looks absolutely awesome!!!

jalna said...

I'm glad we went, Kay.

Dd said...

ummmmmmm....how many people ate all dat food ???

jalna said...

Dd, I ate the Cali roll, salmon skin roll and unagi. Oh yah, some of the lobster van van. Wendell and Lan ate the rest.

Leslie's pics said...

By looking at the pictures I'd say you left hungry :D hehahahahaa!! Good thing he makes rolls too yah! I think i coulda ate all of that by myself, minus the lobster...

Kalin's Mommy said...

OMG, awesome! Now I want to go again!

jalna said...

I was pretty satisfied, Les . . . but I kinda wanna eat more now. Genki opening up again soon. I told Wendell that we should go and support them.

I know what you mean, Mich.

KitTKat said...

Dayum girl!!!! you guys know how for grind!