Thursday, September 29, 2016

Fuji Instax Mini 8

I'd been wanting to get me an instant camera for a looooong time. Years actually. Polaroids are at least $100. The Fuji Instax used to be around $70 or more but is cheaper now . . . $52.40 on Amazon. Yet, I still couldn't bring myself to spend that much on pretty much a toy for myself. 

The camera pictured below was $10.  It was lying on a table, almost hidden, among tons and tons of other electronic devices at a HUGE rummage sale at Kalani High School this past Saturday. 

Thinking back, I almost can't believe my initial reaction.  It wasn't an oh-oh-oh, GRAB-IT kinda thing. Instead, I slowly picked it up, eyed it suspiciously, and thought "hmmmm . . . 10 bucks". I wondered if it actually worked and was hesitant to waste $10 if it didn't. 

I held on to the camera and walked around looking at other items.

I began noticing that each item for sale was meticulously labeled with a number as well as the price. I suspected that the number corresponded to a respective seller. I inquired and found out that I was right. 

After some hunting, I located the person who previously owned the camera. I was kinda embarrassed to ask because . . . who in their right mind would sell something that was broken and then admit to it, right? So why even ask, right? But I did. I said, "Um, does the camera work good?" She said, "Oh, yes." I said, "Um, how old is it?" She said, "Around two years old." I said, "Oh, okay. Not too old then. Um, okay, thank you."

And so I bought it. 


When I got home, I started fussing with it.  Opening the battery compartment revealed two AA batteries. Two wet, leaking AA batteries. Oh oh. At least there was no corrosion. I wiped the compartment down as best I could and put in two new batteries. 

I pressed what I thought was the On button. Yay, it turned on!  


I haven't tested it out yet because I need film. I ordered some from Amazon. They're kinda expensive . . . $11.49 for a box of 20.  I ordered only one box . . . 'cause, you know . . . still not really sure if the camera works.

I went to Walmart on Sunday to check out the film there, but it was $19 something. So, I'm waiting. I'll let you guys know how it goes.


Anonymous said...

Once in a while, Fisher has the film on sale.


jalna said...

Thanks, Deanna!!!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I want to see what you can do with this, how the pictures look, etc.

School rummage sales are da bomb! Everything is so cheap - like they don't know or care what the value of things are. Problem is, I buy what I don't need. Good thing I didn't know about the Kalani sale.

lance said...

If you haven't tried, before the photo is fully forms, you can push the developing"stuffs" inside with a pen cover to make it look like a painting. Very interesting. Use to do that with the polaroids.

Mark Shelby said...

That's so Kewl Jalna! And it's even girl camera Pink! ; ) I've been thinking of getting a small pocket camera for my bike rides at the beach and my 4x4 outback adventures and hiking. Or whateva's. My current camera is a Fuji Finepix S5200. I should probably update that someday. I bought it as my first ever digital camera in 2005.

Here is my Shutterfly site with my travels and outdoor pics.

Anonymous said...

j: goodie new toy! I'd use it all up taking pixs of all my 'kids'. I take a lot of pixs but no longer print anything out, cuz I think hoo da expensive da ink and no like hassle getting 'em developed at Walmart. I really manini when it comes to printing stuff, the really cheap side of me comes out so I rarely use it. Yes, Amazon is soooo much cheaper...I was so impatient for a rug cleaner and bought it and found it was cheaper by $30 on Amazon AND free shipping so I nevah have to load and unload from da car and the buggah was heavy. Since I getting makule and more weak and no moe man power (literally), kinda hard for lift what use to be light things for me. I hope you share your instant pixs of them...gawd that brings back memories, no? I nevah keep one of those polaroid moments though. -N

K and S said...

crossing fingers it works!

Anonymous today said...

Hi Jalna, you're going to Hokkaido again, right? I just came back and I'm pretty sure you can get the film you need at both Bic Camera and Yodobashi Camera very near Sapporo Station. Just bring your cute camera to show the workers what you need. Here's a link to the Bic Camera website (automatically translated) which shows basic film plus other themed film (like Star Wars and Rikkakuma). 10 for between 727 to 853 yen. I hope you can find what you are looking for!

Dd said...

its pink !!! umm batteries ?? really ??

Anonymous today said...

Sorry, Jalna. I cut & pasted too soon. This is the link for the regular plain film for 1,382 yen for the same product you ordered. More expensive in Japan?! Oh, well, maybe you can enjoy buying the special themed film...

jalna said...

Aunty, the rummage sale was a fundraiser for the band . . . plenty members . . . so plenty stuff. And so well organized. Can you imagine? Each item was numbered to identify the seller?

That's so interesting, Lance!!

Mark, your camera from 2005 still works? That's awesome.

N, I rarely print pictures too. And I know what you mean about lifting. I no can anymore.

Thanks, Kat!

Thank you, Anon! We're staying near the Sapporo Station. I can walk over to the camera store. I like the special-themed film. Who knows . . . some might be on sale when I go!

Cute yah, Dd.

Mark Shelby said...

Jalna, yes my 2005 Fuji Finepix S5200 still works. Which is amazing because it travels with me in my 4x4 into the outback in all kinds of weather. I keep it in a camera bag until use. Because it still works perfect it's hard for me to justify spending money on a new large camera. But I am interested in getting a pocket camera, for like when I am bike riding Pacific Beach and general outings.

Leslie's pics said...

so so so fun!!! You're gonna make me regret not buying it in japan!!