Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hydro Flask Warranty

This is the inside of a Hydro Flask that had been forgotten and left in the car for a long time.  (It wasn't me, BTW). 


Not sure what caused the corrosion. 

The outside of the rim had gotten a bit rusty too. 

Granted, the flask had been neglected and small-kine misused, but I thought that it still shouldn't have corroded like it did. I decided to try and see if Hydro Flask would honor its lifetime warranty. I went online and filled out a claim form here: Hydro Flask warranty.

A couple of days later I received an email with instructions on how to return the flask. The email also included a shipping label for me to use. It said to stick the label directly onto the flask. No need box it or anything. Easy! It cost me $7.15 (including USPS tracking) to mail the flask back.

While I waited, I received two emails from Hydro Flask notifying me of the progress. One said that they received the damaged flask and another email a few days later said that they were shipping out the replacement. In no time, I received this box in the mail.

Very, very awesome, Hydro Flask!!


Les said...

wow that's awesome!!! First Amazon, now Hydro flask...score!

jalna said...

GREAT customer service, Les!!

Kay said...

I actually wrote the company and told them the first flask I bought wasn't working because I tested it like they said. I wrote a blog post about that experience. They wrote me back that they would send me a shipping label which I didn't have to pay for. I did box mine though. They then sent me a replacement. I do think it's a great company that stands by their product. However... How come it rusted? Isn't it supposed to be stainless steel? Some funny, yeah?

DNakamaru said...

Yay for Hydro Flask! Good service rocks!

Anonymous said...

J: awesome! BTW the logo looks like the logo _N

K and S said...


Anonymous said...

Did you need a receipt?

Honolulu Aunty said...

Cool! (get it? - Cool, heh heh heh)

Erick said...

Cool! I love my Hydro Flask.

Kalin's Mommy said...


Nippon Nin said...

Really? I didn't know it has life -time warranty and I throw it away! Rats!
Thanks for the information anyway.

Mark Shelby said...

Awesome! That's how you build a business and have repeat customers. This is how I ran our furniture stores in Hawaii. If a customer had a problem, I fixed it. If I could not fix it I either offered to replace it or even a further discount for their trouble. Or even an exchange for other furniture! Small island! Have to be island nice! ; )

jalna said...

I wondered about how it rusted too, Kay.

I agree, Dean!

I had to google Godaddy, N. It is similar.

Good service yah, Kat!

Neva need receipt, Anon.

Funny, Aunty. LOL!

Me too, Erick.

I know, Mich!!

And they made it so easy to request a replacement, Akemi.

True dat, Mark.

mmiissee said...

Cool. I would never thought the inside of the bottle can get rusty.
I'm surprised the post office took the bottle without it being in a box. I always get nervous when I go to the post office (I don't want to get scolded).

jalna said...

You're so cute, Mmiissee. I used to get nervous about getting scolded too . . . but not so much now that I'm older and not so sweet anymore.

SarahSqu said...

So were there any other options to paying for shipping? I got mine yesterday through a company rewards program and without the stickers even off of it there is loud rattling coming from inside the flask. I think this is common and is listed under warranty but I don't know that its worth it to me to spend the $8 to ship when I just got the thing. Any advice?

jalna said...

Awwww Sarah, how disappointing for you. I'm thinking that maybe depending on what the problem is, the Hydro Flask company might pay for your shipping cost. Try filling out the claim form and see what happens.