Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pork Bowl from Your Kitchen

PORK BOWL!!!  Wendell saw some kind of write-up somewhere about Your Kitchen's Pork Bowl so he wanted to check it out.  It is the absolute star of the hole-in-the-wall establishment, hence the special billing. 

Here it is topped with the included panko-crusted egg, cooked to perfection and sliced open for you to see. 


Your Kitchen is on 10th Avenue in Palolo Valley.  Only on-street parking is available.  Good luck.

Here is my Oyako Donburi.  I didn't feel deserving of pork belly fat so I opted for this.  It was good, but after tasting some of Wendell's Pork Bowl decided that maybe next time I'll go for the mini Pork Bowl instead.






Here are photos of a couple of shaved ice that me and Geri had sometime last year.  This is Geri's Strawberry-flavored shaved ice.

And this is my Tropical.  Very, very goooooood.


Kalin's Mommy said...

Can't wait to try this one!

jalna said...

Can't wait for you to try it too, Mich!

Nippon Nin said...

I would like to try the (not available) short lib! Fun post!

K and S said...

looks good!

Anonymous said...

I wanna jump in my car and drive there now. man it looks so good. I love the details you put in by showing us the entire menu and prices. You da bestest. Wish I was closer to town. -N

jalna said...

Akemi, I went back again a couple of days later and it was still not available.

Sooooo gooood, Kat.

I hope you get to try it someday, N . . . and your mom too!

Nippon Nin said...

I mean "ribs" not lib.... oops!

How disappointing that they don't have it.

Dear Anonymous, You're so funny!

jalna said...

I think you're funny too, Akemi.

Susan said...

I like the flavors for the shaved ice! L&L coming here, is it good?

jalna said...

L & L has good local-kine food, Susan. I think you'll like it.

Honolulu Aunty said...

Your pictures are SO good! I took pictures because I will also be doing a review of Your Kitchen but my pictures of the place are pretty mediocre and out of focus.

Pork bowl is da bomb! Also, they make their own green tea ice cream. Oiishiii!!

2 doors up is North Shore Grinds. Pretty good plate lunches. A few doors down the opposite way is Azama, a real hole in the wall with excellent sashimi.

Proud of Palolo, my home town.


jalna said...

Thanks, Aunty! I think the hardest thing to me about taking pictures with my phone is keeping my hand steady. Looking forward to your post!