Thursday, September 11, 2014

Wendell's Pork Belly with Okara

I give Wendell credit for trying out all kinds of recipes.  This was an unusual one which called for okara. It's an Electric Kitchen recipe that Wendell found in the newspaper.  The name of it is Ukara Irichi.


Basically you stir fry preboiled pork belly.

Then add sliced kamaboko and shiitake mushrooms.

The recipe calls for peas too, but we didn't have any.

Add okara.

It's not the prettiest-looking dish, but it was really tasty. We ate it all up.

Ukara Irichi 

1/2 pound pork belly, shoulder or pork butt
3 tbs. oil
2 medium dried shiitake mushrooms, soaked until soft, then julienned (reserve liquid)
1/2 kamaboko, julienned
2 cups okara
3/4 cup pork stock
salt, to taste
2 tbs. green peas

Preboil pork: Cover pork with water, bring to rolling boil, drain and rinse.  Add just enough water to barely cover the pork, cover and gently boil 20 minutes. Reserve liquid for stock. Cool, cut pork into julienne strips.

Heat oil in nonstick skillet. On medium, stir fry pork until well done. Add shiitake, kamaboko and continue to stir fry.  Add okara and mix thoroughly, stirring often to prevent scorching.  Keep okara moist by adding pork stock and a little mushroom liquid as needed.

Add seasoning and green peas. Serves 6.


Kalin's Mommy said...

No shoyu? Also isn't the bag of okara way too big?

jalna said...

No shoyu, Mich . . . but had plenty flavor. We have the leftover okara in the freezer. Want some?

jenny said...

Pork belly makes everything better!

Dd said...

where you bought that okara ??

lance said...

No dashi powder? Pork broth enuff?

jalna said...

I agree, Jenny!

Didi, Wendell bought it from Ward Marukai, and he said that was the only okara they had . . . and only had that one bag.

Hey Lance!! No dashi, nothing . . . and had plenty taste.

DNakamaru said...

Dang! that pork frying looks sooo GOOD!

Leslie's pics said...

ooh that looks good. and good thing no more peas! It woulda ruined it

jalna said...

It does yah, Dean!

You don't like peas, Les?

Erick said...

Adding this to my Wendell's recipes to try list.

Kay said...

Mmm... Sounds yummy! I hope you don't mind; I've added you to my sidebar for others to find you in my cyber family.

I get my okara from Honda Tofu in Wahiawa. Very cheap.

jalna said...

Thanks Kay!!