Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fellowes Shredder

I started cleaning out Grandpa's room.  It's been a year since he passed.  Fast yah.  Anyway, he has choke paperwork saved . . . some dating back 40 years.  I decided to get a shredder.  After some researching, I got this one from Amazon.  It was about $70.


This is the review that convinced me.  Mostly because my main concern was that it not break after only a few months of use.

This is a pretty good shredder. It can shred paper very well into tiny slices. However, emptying the bin can be a bit of a pain. Lifting the shredder is easy, because there is a handle, but it is also pretty hard, because it's pretty heavy. To shred adhesives (even though it says it can't), put the adhesive on a blank sheet of paper or make one side of the adhesive stick to the other side. Overall, this is a decent shredder and I would certainly recommend it.

UPDATE: 3/1/2010
I still have this shredder. One person said this shredder can handle CD's. Honestly, from how I tested it, it can't. The CD got stuck and I had to use a scissor to finish it through. Do not try to shred CD's. Overall, still a good shredder; able to shred credit cards, unopened junk mail, invoices, and adhesives (if you follow the advice above).

UPDATE: 6/4/2010
Still running strong. This shredder still does the job to get rid of all the extra papers I don't need.

UPDATE: 9/15/2010
Still the best shredder in my house. I owned this shredder almost for 7 months and still one of the best.

UPDATE: 1/22/2011
Almost a year with this shredder. This shredder has took down so many papers and adhesive Amazon labels, this is something that was worth buying. Still no problems with this shredder. Such an incredible product.

UPDATE: 5/15/2011
Almost one and a half year since I had this shredder. Still running strong and I shred loads of paper every week. I oil this shredder perhaps after two or three full loads of paper. Still works like a charm. How incredible is this shredder?

I also got this oil . . .  $11.30 for a 16 oz. bottle.  You're supposed to oil the blades at each bag change, but my bags are kinda small, so like the person in the review above, I only oil after around three changes.
shredder oil

So far, I love the shredder.  The instructions say that after 5 minutes of continuous use, the shredder will automatically shut down for about 20 minutes.  I assume to cool off.  I never experienced a shut down.  Maybe it's because I did the shredding kinda slowly, and I never put in the 11-sheet maximum.  I would shred maybe about 6 sheets at a time.  And if I felt like the shredder was getting kinda warm, I would stop for a minute or so.  I've already shredded about 10 small bags (with more to go) with no hitches or jams. 

I feel bad about not buying local ( I did look) . . . but how can when you can get better stuff for cheaper and not even have to pay for shipping?  No can, yah?


K and S said...

we have a fellowes shredder too (different model), but I want a different one, everytime we empty the drawer, it spills all the shredded stuff all over the place :p

Nippon Nin said...

I laughed so hard. You're so funny! It looks like a good shredder. I have one from Costco and it's decent.

jalna said...

LOL, Kat, that can be annoying. Sorry, but it makes me laugh picturing you picking up all the little pieces.

Akemi, I'm enjoying shredding. It's somehow therapeutic to me.

kobi said...

Posted before as an anon. If you are into Amazon reviews check out the reviews for Veet. Once again thanks for reconsidering stopping your blog.

jalna said...

Thanks for the tip, Kobi.