Saturday, September 29, 2012

Grandpa and Aunty

"Grandpa" is Wendell's dad.  "Aunty" is Wendell's sister.  Grandpa is in his 90's and Aunty is small-kine challenged.  They make a really good team . . . they help each other out . . . what one cannot do, the other can.

Grandpa unexpectedly ended up in the hospital last weekend. He's okay, but now needs some rehabilitation to improve his mobility. 

So, now he's at the Care Center of Honolulu where he's receiving therapy.  He's anxious to get home, but otherwise seems to be in good spirits.  He asked for a Big Mac yesterday.  That was an easy request to fulfill.  But guess what he keeps asking for now.  He wants to see KONA!!!

I can't imagine leading Kona through here and to Grandpa's room. I did ask for permission and two of the nurses said that it would be okay . . . although it's never been done before.

And so, I gave Kona a bath yesterday . . . we're good to go . . . but I'm nervous.


SW said...

AWWW..can't wait to see your next post of the visit..:-) Kona looks really different after the bath and he looks excited to go..

Leslie's pics said...

I'm sooo glad you took him! Grampa must've been soooo happy!

K and S said...

so cool they let Kona go to see him, hope it went well and hope Grandpa gets better soon!

jalna said...

We did go to visit Shun Wah! I'll post a picture later.

Grandpa was really happy Les. But we didn't stay long. I was kinda nervous.

I know Kat . . . so cool. Kona did really good.

mmiissee said...

your post just made me smile!

Erick said...

Cool, Kona is a big party of the family. Good boy Kona, woof, woof to you.

celia said...

I am glad to hear that the nurses understand the importance of "grandpa's" request - to help with his recovery. Kona is such a joy!

Betty Townsend said...

Sorry to hear about your father-in-law...hope he is on the mend. Kona is such a handsome boy, he looks so excited... :)

jalna said...

Awww . . . I'm glad Mmiissee.

Ahaha, funny Erick!

Celia, you shoulda seen how happy Grandpa was!

Thanks Betty. Kona did really, really good.