Friday, September 28, 2012

A Salad and a Sunset

Stuff's been happening lately.  So I haven't been taking too much pictures.  That's why all the YouTube videos.  Sorry. But they're cool, right?

I bought a Costco chicken the other day.  Landon added it to this salad that he made.  He used Pietro original dressing on it.  Yummy!!!!

The thing about noticing a beautiful sky while you're in the house . . . by the time you get your camera, put on the right lens, make sure you got a card in it and then get outside, it could be all gone.  This photo is from yesterday.  I tried to use a technique of another new favorite photographer of mine - Dallas Nagata White.  She is an extremely skilled photographer, is very young (early 20's) and is hapa-beautiful.  Ahem . . . I'm sooo J, BTW.  She recently gave a talk at an Eyes of Hawaii meeting and explained that she likes to underexpose her shots and then tweak them in Lightroom.  Well, the method didn't really work this time, but I'll keep trying.  I wish there was a way that I could become young and hapa-beautiful too.


SW said...

You got the beautiful reddish sky that I saw from my office but didn't have my camera..hey, but you managed to get the reflection in the windows of the van. hmm..wonder if that's why Dallas' shots look like HDR..

K and S said...


Randism said...

thanks for the link; checked it out; holy crap! she's talented all right!

Randism said...

have you seen this page?

jalna said...

Thanks for giving me all the scoops Shun Wah! I really, really appreciate it!

Thanks Kat.

I did see it Rand . . . unbelievable yah!