Monday, May 28, 2012


It took 6 hours to dehydrate.  I rotated the trays every hour because the bottom tray dries the fastest and the top tray the slowest.  I also moved the pieces around, putting the more done ones on the top tray.  It's a good thing I did the mango and the daikon first, so I knew what to expect. 

It turned out moister and oilier than I expected.  I ended up frying all the pieces on really low heat to try to get it crispier, but it pretty much stayed about the same texture  . . . probably because of the cut of meat and the sugar in the marinade.  Tastewise, it turned out really ono. So I deem this experiment . . . a success!!  I think next time I'll go for a leaner cut like flank steak and maybe a dry, spicy rub.


You can see how this piece is kinda moist.  I'm even storing it in the 'fridge 'cause I'm afraid of it spoiling.

Here's a leaner piece.

And a fattier one.

Here's Kona waiting to sample. He REALLY liked it. 

Here's what I did with my failed daikon.  I haven't tried it yet, but couldn't be worse than what it used to taste like.

I used a spoonful of this sauce that I picked up at Palama Market.


Leslie's pics said...

hahaha Kona looks so happy!!

K and S said...

way to go! kona, so cute!

DNakamaru said...

Buggah look ONO!!!!

SW said...

Your beef jerky reminds me of the the chinese kind that were sold in NY chinatown! YUMMY!! So the dehydrate meat need no cooking? What a versatile machine...

Anonymous said...

Nice!!!! 1st try and a success. Terrific!!!! -lance

jalna said...

Les, he really loved the jerky.

Thanks Kat!

Hahahaha. Thanks Dean!

That's exactly what I was thinking Shun Wah. I remember those sweet ones from Chinatown. I know what you mean about "no cooking". Seems strange yah.

Thanks Lance. I watched a YouTube video last night where the guy recommended "bottom round" meat. I think I'm gonna look for that cut for next time.

Betty Townsend said...

Looks really good!

Kalin's Mommy said...

Oh man it was so ONOOOOOO!

Anonymous said...

Yep, the bottom round has hardly any fat. I think it's still one of the cheaper cut of beef. Should be really good for jerky. -lance

jalna said...

Thanks Betty.

Awww Mich, I'm glad you liked it.

I'm gonna try for a drier, crispier version next time Lance.

Erick said...

Looks very ono! Maybe I'll try make too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how exciting. Can't wait to see your paper-thin crispier version. -lance

jalna said...

I think you should try too, Erick!

Hahaha, can't wait to see it myself, Lance.