Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kam Swap Meet 4/29/2012

This is mostly how it was throughout the morning today  . . . off and on rain.  At least it kept things cool.

A lot of the stuff got wet though.

This sake set was going for $10.  The seller said that she bought it in Japan.

The seller of this brass eating utensil set was selling the set for $200.  The case on the left had two more trays below that pulled out.

These were going for 50 cents each.  The seller had a ton of these.

$10 was way too much to spend on this "Tomodachi" set.


This Avi-Motion Avia shoes were $15.

Geri paid $2 for this organza curtain.

She's thinking of using it to decorate a display table at her working place's next fundraiser.

Didi thought I might be interested in this cake pan.  It was selling for $3.  I didn't buy it.

Geri bought another glass vase.  She had to.  It was so pretty and only $1.IMG_4366

The seller is laughing cause I'm saying to Didi, "Just get it . . . it's only a dollar."

She did buy it and this Tupperware container, also $1.

This sewing machine was selling for $75.



Geri bought a bunch of these lotus plants for 50 cents each.

She also got this cute beaded bracelet for $1. I love the dotted beads.

I don't know why I'm into scissors lately.  I bought this one for $2.  I think I'll take it to work.  My scissors at work can barely cut a sheet of paper.

Geri found these glass paper weights.  They were $10 each.  She was doomed from the start.

She picked this one.

And this one.  Sooooo pretty!!

Me . . . I bought these coffee filters for 50 cents each box.  Hoo hoo SCORE!

This tent was getting plenty action so I went to check it out.

They were selling these mini plates for I think $5.  This guy was frying up eggs to throw on top of bbq chicken and rice.  Looked yummy.

This kendo outfit was selling for $50.

The same seller was selling this remote control boat for $100.

I shoulda told Geri to "drop that trout", but I neva and she bought it.  Dunno how much she paid. She said she got it for her dog Star to play with. Wonder if Star's gonna like it.  The fish is like twice her size.

I paid $1 for this Space Needle construction kit.  What am I gonna do with a Space Needle construction kit?  I think I bought it cause the seller made me laugh when he told Geri . . .

"Whaaaa . . . you bought that fish, but you won't buy my paper?"

She did buy this 3-hole puncher and stapler kit for $1 each from the guy though.

Here's something else that I bought that I don't need . . . rubber stamps. The guy said I could have the two bags for 4 bucks!  I stood there, stomped the ground and said, "NOOOOOOOO!!"  And I bought um.  Anybody want um?   I'm not even gonna open up the bags . . . they're so nicely tied up. From what I can see got some cute ones.  Let me know.  You gotta pick um up though.

Here's something that Geri bought that she regrets getting.  It's a bracelet that doesn't fit her.  It was $1.

I paid $1 for these baby eggplants.

Wasn't sure what to do with um so when I got home I sliced them up and put them in my tsukemono maker.

This was my best buy of the day.  I love this hand cream and usually pay $10 for a 1 oz. tube like this one.  I got it for 50 cents today!!


Erick said...

Cool stuffs! I like the green boat, wonder if it works.

K and S said...

I love that hand cream too, score!

Les said...

Space needle construction kit??!! Oh my, do you need to contact a therapist soon? I wanna come over and see your newly cleaned closet! hahahaa!

jalna said...

The boat was kinda huge Erick. Took up the whole cot.

Kat, I also got a small container of Shea Butter too for 50 cents!

Hahahaha Les, I think I going need to clean it out again soon.

Kalin's Mommy said...

The paper weights were pretty! Jalna, like Les said, I think you need intervention! LMAO

Dd said...

I came home thinking...should've bought the sewing machine..

Susan said...

I like how when you do these swap meet posts I feel like I went along with you. Hehe

Betty Townsend said...

So funny, clean out your closet then pile it up with more stuff!! More stamps??? LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Those water plants arent lotus plants, they are the same plants that took over the Wahiawa lake, they grow like weeds. Keep them contained.

btw...will I see you guys on the next "hoarders show " :O)

DNakamaru said...

You make the swap meet look like soooo much FUN!!!

jalna said...

Hahahahaha!! I know Mich! Space Needle construction kit! Whatda . . . ??

Nah, Didi, might not've worked.

I'm so glad Susan. Was wondering if maybe I was boring you guys with my swap meet posts already.

Betty, my closet is getting full again!!

Hahahaha Anon!! "They grow like weeds." Funny! I think Geri has some kind of bucket of fish thing in her yard she's gonna use them in. Oooohhh I loooove those hoarders shows!! Unreal yeah!

I think you would enjoy going to the swap meet Dean. It's like a treasure hunt.

Taryn M said...

Your swap meet posts actually made Krissi and I go to the one at Aloha Stadium last weekend. Unfortunately we didn't find cool stuff like you and your sissies always do!

Betty Townsend said...

I had to look back at your post to see the sewing machine Dd's kinda a lot of money for it...

I bought myself a new machine today and wanna sell my old one for $25...

jalna said...

Awww too bad Taryn. I was thinking of maybe checking out Aloha one day. Do they still charge a fee to buyers? Buyers get in free at Kam.

I agree Betty . . . $75 for a used machine that might not even work?

Taryn M said...

Yup it's $1 per person to get in. Maybe i need to dig around more to get great finds!

jalna said...

Actually Taryn, that's the secret. You gotta kinda walk slow, look really good and sometimes dig around. A lot of the neat finds are hidden in the rubble . . . but that's what's fun . . . the discovery!

Nippon Nin said...

I always enjoy your Swap meet trip photos. Your funny comments are delightful. I love the paper weights. The Seattle Space needle was built for Exposition 50 years ago in 1962. The area (Seattle center) is great to visit stores, restaurants or just stroll. They have Genki Sushi too.

jalna said...

Awww thanks Akemi. It really is a fun outing for me and my sisters. I can't believe the Space Needle is that old!!