Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Salesman

A salesman came knocking on my door last week, and boy was he a smooth, fast talker. He was selling some cleaning product.  I think it was called Advanage.   From the beginning I told him that I wasn't interested, but that didn't stop him.

He cleaned a portion of our door, and told me that he was from Arizona.

He said that he and a bunch of around 15 other youths were here with the company trying to sell their wonderful product, and where was I from?  Then he cleaned a portion of a shoe.

He said that there are a whole bunch of them on the mainland selling the stuff.  I told him I still wasn't interested and he proceeded to clean off some "mold" from the ground. 

So persistent. So, I asked how much it was and he said that I had to buy a case, and the case was about 200 something bucks.   200 something bucks?  I said, "NO."  Then he cleaned this wooden shelf on Wendell's boat.

He told me to follow him and he went to Wendell's car's tailpipe and cleaned it. He said see what a wonderful job it does and why didn't I want to buy his product.  I said, "Because I don't want to."

He started to spray this scratch on my car, and I stopped him.  I said, "Hey don't go spraying my car. I don't want that thing taking off the finish."  He said, "I wouldn't do it if it wasn't safe."  I said, "You know what?  Can I take your picture?  I'm gonna put you on my blog."  Then guess what happened.  He took the flyer that he gave me right out of my hands.  And he left.   Yessssssssss.

And now for your entertainment.  A similar version of the salesman that came to my door.


Randism said...

jeez! wat a pest!

Erick said...

So funny. Does that mean you didn't buy anything?

jalna said...

Rand, I think that's the plan. Become a pest so they buy your thing just to be rid of you.

Neva buy nothing Erick. If he had offered me a bottle only, I might've bought it, but not the whole case . . . not for over $200.

Betty Townsend said...

Thankfully door to door salespeople are not allowed in our mobile home park...my standard response is always "NO" and then close the door...that guy on the video would have driven me "bonkers"...

jalna said...

Ho, you so lucky, Betty!

Unknown said...

What a plick! Now u get all these 'clean' spots everywhere and makes it standout MORE! Yup...pre-meditated irritation. Shoulda sent Kona after um. We all know Kona wouldnt..but it woulda been funny seeing him hop fences at the command!

Anonymous said...

Jalna, next time you're driving by i have a whole bunch of car polishes for your scratch.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should of told him to spray it on himself to make him go away !

Sounds like those other salesmen who roam around town selling those games and toys. Best to put out a sign saying no solictors.

jalna said...

"What a plick"!! You tooo funny CQ. Kona was actually barking up a storm. Good boy!!

Hahahaha. Thanks Kevin, but I think Wendell probably got some too.

I know Anon. I guess I should be thankful that we don't get too many salesmen in our area.

Leslie's pics said...

Classic!! I love the way you got rid of him!!! That's sooo awesome :)

jalna said...

Les, next time I gotta say it at the beginning!

K and S said...

ew, scary!

jalna said...

Kinda yah, Kat.