Monday, October 31, 2011

Dean, Dora and Dawn

Dean and I met more or less because of our blogs.  Dean loves to surf and like me, likes to share pictures and stories about his adventures.  His blog is called Courtsdawn patrol.  Mostly he updates us on surfing conditions, but Dean also shares other aspects of his life including food from various places that he's eaten at and food that he himself has cooked.  Yes, Dean cooks!  He also takes awesome pictures.  His early-morning sunrises are gorgeous.  A little while back when the surf was kinda big, the ocean took Dean's camera. He searched and searched for it, but never could find it. Then the coolest, coolest thing happened.  His buddies took up a collection and bought him another camera, an even better one than the one he'd lost!  Sooooo awesome yah!  So with new camera, he was able to update us daily while he and his family vacationed on the Big Island recently. He mentioned trying some date bars which a friend had recommended.  I commented and said that I love date bars . . . and guess what?  He brought me back some . . . and at that time, I hadn't even met him yet!  Howzdat yah!  So nice!

I was so happy when Dean asked if I could take pictures of his family to use for their Christmas card this year.  We met at my favorite East West Center. I was kinda taken aback when they emerged from their car all decked out in their finery. I was more used to seeing them dressed in day-to-day casual clothes on Dean's blog. What a treat! I really had a blast.  It was like spending time with old friends.






Here's the date bars that Dean gave me.

It was some ono!


Leslie's pics said...

That's awesome! Such a nice looking family too. Funny how you meet all these people cause of your blog yah?

DNakamaru said...

Wow! Awesome results! You're the best!!!! Thank you!!!!!

jalna said...

Les, I never expected that blogging would lead to new friendships, but it's one of the coolest things about it.

You're welcome Dean. Sorry I made you sit on dirty stuff, twist your body around like one pretzel and on top of that made Dawn sit on you. And you never even complain nothing. You da best!

gail f said...

Hi Jalna,
Awesome pictures of Dean and his family! Glad you guys finally got to meet and share your love for picture taking and sharing with everyone! Keep up the great pictures! aloha Gail

SW said...

Was wondering what time do you find the best lighting at EWC? Do you still use your flash and reflector? VERY, VERY NICE SHOTS!! and you're right, those are awesome sunrise shots from the Courtsdawnpatrol blog site..i've checked it out several times from your favorites list..

Erick said...

Wow, they look awesome to me! Great select of colors for Christmas. Terrific shots.

jalna said...

Hi Gail. Thanks so much for turning Dean on to my blog! I loved meeting him and his family.

I usually meet people an hour before sunset Shun Wah. And yes, I still use my flash even though I'm trying to go with more natural lighting. It's so hard to get that extra "pop" without it though. Dunno what the secret is.

Thanks Erick! I looooooved the colors they chose too.