Monday, September 7, 2009

Da $10/lb Kalbi from Keeaumoku Produce

Isn't this a beautiful sight? Especially since it was drizzling, and I wasn't sure I would be able to get the hibachi going.
Isn't this an even more beautiful sight? And it was really good . . . even Wendell said, "Ho, dat was some good meat!" It was very tasty, and mostly it was VERY TENDER. I portioned out half of what I bought and saved the other half for another day.
And here's my usual Lit'l Smokies so as not to waste a good fire.
Except I did waste one Smokie.
As a side dish I decided to make an omelet using the bambucha eggs, also from Keeaumoku Produce. I once called some local government agency (I forget which one) and asked how you can tell when an egg is fresh. The lady said that after you crack it, if the raw egg has body and height to it and is not flattened out, then it's fresh. These eggs were really fresh.
I added this Amano brand imitation crab meat from Foodland.
Here's da omelet. It was okay. Maybe I shoulda added some seasoning. I sometimes think that it's so absurd that ME a non-cook is blogging about the food that I made . . . like I'm actually gonna teach you guys how to cook.


Erick said...

The $10 kalbi looks so good. I am so proud of you, your omelette looks terrific.

K and S said...

drool! (no s'mores??)

Les said...

ooooh that kalbi looks ono! I'm making kalbi tonight too, probably not goin be as good as yours though. Thanks for the omelet lesson! Very informative! :)

jalna said...

Erick and Les, you're welcome for the omelet lesson. And the kalbi was winnahs!

Kat, s'mores sounds wonderful! Been awhile since I've had them.

Betty Townsend said...

You are amazing!! The kalbi looks fantastic - every bit worth that $10/lb, I'm sure. Love little smokies. I'll send you a recipe for them that are so ONO!! And easy too. And your omelette, yum, yum. Yeah, for a non-cook you do pretty darn fantastic!! :)

jalna said...

Betty, you have got to be my no. 1 fan . . . thanks for the encouragement.

Dd said...

yummmmm......hey, you know what seasoning is good in an omelette ?? that dry package that comes in the saimin bag. I always make fried saimin, so I get all these bags and bags of that saimin seasoning....... also good when added to the rice pot....for fried rice