Friday, January 31, 2014

Banh Tet

My sister in law, Diem, bought a whole bunch of these and shared them with all of the sisters. It's a Vietnamese dish that's usually made at Vietnamese New Years.

It's made with mochi rice on the outside.

And pork and mung beans on the inside. 

She also gave us some pickled radish that you're supposed to eat with it.  

 It was OMG soooooo good. 


:) josefina :) said...

that looks so good!

1DecentApple said...

that looks so ono. looks kind of like that mochi rice wrapped with lotus leaf dim sum thing. anyway, tomorrow's your big trip right? Hope you're back to 100% top shape! Have a great time. Looking forward to your photos and stories when you get back. Unless you're gonna blog while on your trip?

Anonymous said...

So interesting, I've seen these bundles in Chinatown . It's just like Jung, is it flavored with five spice .

jalna said...

I totally love it, Jos!

Almost 100%, Al. Still coughing . . . worried I gonna get stink eyes if I cough too much on the plane. Bringing planny cough drops and one mask. I no can blog in Japan. I no more laptop. But for sure when I get back!

Anon, the flavor is a little different from Jung. I no more da kine good palate so I cannot tell what it is . . . maybe more coconuty?

Mark Shelby said...

I swear.....if you were my Auntie Jalna. I would be 400 pounds by now!.....Yummers!.....hehe

SW said...

I've seen those before but never knew what it looked like inside. It looks really good..ohhhh.. have a great trip, Jalna..looking forward to the pics!!

jalna said...

Funny, Mark!!!

Thanks Shun Wah!!!

Anonymous said...

wow, what a comforting sticky rice dish..
we used to called it as lemang in Indonesia...

Erick said...

I love Vietnamese food. That mochi rice thing looks so ONO!

jalna said...

I have a coworker from Indonesia, chef. She probably knows of lemang.

Erick, next time you see it in Chinatown, go buy one!