Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bee in the House

This bee flew into our house a few days ago.

You shoulda seen me, Aunty and Kona trying to get away from it. We eventually kinda just hid and let it fly around the house.  When the buzzing stopped, I went to look for it.

I saw it at the living room window.  When the timing was right I slammed the window shut, so that the bee became trapped between the glass and the screen.  Then I went outside to try and pry open the screen, but I couldn't loosen it.

So I waited for Landon to come home from work, and asked him to do it.

After a bit of nudging and pounding he was able to open the screen.

And the bee was free!!  Wouldja believe the bee flew into the house again this morning!  It was early and still dark, so I turned off the light in the house and turned on the outside light.  The bee flew straight out the door.

The bee reminded me of the time in 2005 when a dragonfly flew into our house with a special message.  I wrote about it here.  


Dd said...

OMGolly...I thouhgt you were gonna say the bird ate the bee...ahahhaha...hummm..kinda huge bee ;o{

Leslie's pics said...

Maybe it was grampa! you trapped Grampa!! He couldn't find a moth to transform to so he decided to become a bee instead. And then you run away and trap him...hahaha!

jalna said...

I knooow, that bird just so happened to be flying by, Didi.

I'm so rude yah, Les!!

Anonymous said...

Try checking around your eaves or perhaps someplace that may have some piled up wood nearby, I believe that these are bees that burrow into wood. I see them alot at this old building coming from beneath the roof area. They may have a nest nearby. Be careful bc these things can sting. I got stung awhile back.

Good luck !

DNakamaru said...

We get those same bumble bees every morning if we leave a bright light on. Sometimes can have 5 or 6 buzzing at the patio door.

bkpr said...

....maybe BHIVER was paying you a visit! ;-)

jalna said...

You're right Anon. I see pukas in our wooden fence I'm sure were made by them. The sting musta hurt like hell.

5 or 6 Dean! Yikes!

Hey Vince! Nice hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

Dont ever get stung by these buggers, bc they did sting like hell and beyond ! was sitting on the grass with my dog and went to drink water and wondered what was stinging on my stomach and chest..then I saw two of these bumble bees come from my was like jellyfish stings..large painful welts..

so try get rid of these bees !

jalna said...

OMG Anon, that sounds HORRIBLE!!

bkpr said...

Hey Jalna....My wife and I moved to Hawaii afew months ago, very nice here. Its fun to see the BHIVER wall in person. I retired from Boeing, now I'm a full time surfer! ;-)

jalna said...

Wow Vince, you really did it! I'll check with Didi and see if maybe we can get together. Do you ever surf at Kakaako? I don't know the surf lingo for that area, but I took pictures from the wall by John Dominis before. I can catch you in action!