Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Swap Meet 1/6/13 and 1/12/13

I gotta get me and Aunty ready for work and day care, so this is gonna be fast kine swap meet post.


On Sunday 1/6/13 me and Sweetie went to Aloha Swap Meet.   These ukes were $60 each.

I bought this for $1.

Sweetie is planning to do some mosaic work with these tiles.  They were $3.

She's gonna add these in too.

I bought this frame for $1.

The lady said this was a lamp.

I got this for $2.  Pretty, yah.

These grafted Meyer lemon plants were $30 each. 

Sweetie said that this will take care of the toe jam in your shoes.  I think it was about $2.

This guy is from Ghana. He carved the statue that Sweetie's holding.  She bought it for $45.  It's for good luck and harmony.

Geri and I went to Kam Swap Meet on 1/12/13.  Isn't this frog guy so cute! I bought it for $5.  He's watching over my lemon plants right now.

We already have the Japanese cook book but it's all bust up, so I bought this hard-cover version for $1 to replace it.

This was $2.

I bought this for $3.  Was kinda boring.

Geri bought this.  It was $5.

She also bought these wood chiselers for $3 each.  She's gonna carve some of the wood blocks she has at home.

I bought these scissors for $2.   I think they're to shred.  Anyway, that's what I'm doing with um.

The seller also had this.  We couldn't figure out what it's for. 

This is what happens when you squeeze it.

I bought two of these abalone shells for $1.

I think I'm gonna display some of my marbles in um.

I also bought this vase to display my marbles in.  The whole case of 12 was only $3 so I bought the case.

Here's what it looks like on my shelf.

Me and Geri also dropped by an antique shop on the way home.  Wait to you see the marbles I got!!


Anonymous said...

Used the scissors to julienne basil, etc. LoL!!! See if it works. -lance

Nippon Nin said...

Yes!I love the tin frog, so cute! The lamp cost $300? Is that a magic lamp or what? The scissors looks like for herb, my friend has just like it.

I always love your Swap Meet post. Thank you for shopping and posting.

Nippon Nin said...

Correction; I meant to say $2 scissors has multiple blades is for herb. I have no idea what the round scissors is for. Let me know if you find the answer. Thanks.

mmiissee said...

Could the circle-scissors be a can crusher? This is my first time ever seeing that.

Anonymous said...

J .... the circular scissors with da teeth is for opening a soft boiled egg. sit the egg up right, small point up and lower the scissors till they stop, then squeeze the teeth out. the top of the egg can then be cracked in and easy to take off. Insert spoon to scoop out the egg and eat.

The BC

Erick said...

You folks got some really cool stuff. I like the lantern, looks old, kind of expensive though.

Dd said...

Woweee....some treasures......OMGoodness...loook at alllll your marbles... ;o}

jalna said...

Looks like you're right, Lance!!

Magic lamp!! So funny, Akemi. I told Wendell about the scissors being for herbs. He liked that idea.

Mmiissee, Geri said she thought the scissors were a torture device. Hahahaha.

Thanks BC!!

Magic lantern dat's why Erick.

I know Didi. It's bad how I covet those marbles.

Darth Mama said...

The shredder like scissors is for cutting nori for garnish, you can use it for nori on your ramen, somen, etc.

jalna said...

Ho, great idea, Darth Mama. Thanks! Now . . . what did I do with those scissors anyway??