Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Swap Meet 12/29 and 12/30

Happy New Year everybody!!  Me and Kona zonked out early last night.  Kona was tranquilized.  Me, I'm just old.  My family is coming over to my house soon and I still gotta clean house, but I wanted to post these pictures first.  So I'm gonna do this fast kine.  Me and Sweetie went to Kam Swap Meet on Saturday and Didi joined us both on Sunday to Aloha Swap Meet.

I'm gonna start with Kam. I bought a bag of beads for $10 from a guy that is there every week.  He's the same guy that I got my $5 All-Clad pot from. These millefiore beads caught my eye and were mixed with a bunch of other beads.  What I didn't know until I got home and did some research on um is that they're African trade beads which were used by the Europeans and Africans as currency in exchange for goods, services and SLAVES.  These particular beads are not as old and valuable as most of the ones shown in my link, but I still think they're cool.

Sweetie got this awesome wooden vase for only $5!!

Isn't it beautiful?!


It's made by Jerry Crowe of Unique Turnings.  The info on the website says that his creations usually go for $125 to $600!!  Score yah!!

And now for the regular stuff.  Don't know how much these were selling for, but me and Sweetie got a kick out of um.  We didn't buy either of um 'cause we're pretty happy as it is and that sex thing is highly overrated.

My bird house still hasn't attracted any birds, but Sweetie got birds that come to her lanai every morning and are so noisy that they wake her up.  I bought this for her. It was $1.  I think it blows up into a ball and will scare away the birds.

Sweetie got this for $2.

This cute frame was $1.

I bought this puzzle and the next one for my nephew Charles.  They were $1 each.


Sweetie bought this frame for 75 cents.

These chopsticks were 50 cents.  Wonder what it says.

When we first arrived this was $2.  I didn't wanna spend that much.  On our way out it was still on the seller's table, so Sweetie asked if we could have it for $1. The seller said yes.  Good thing it was only $1.  It's so boring.

I bought this sign for $1.  Funny yah!

On Sunday we went to Aloha Swap Meet.  We were actually on our way out when Sweetie noticed . . . guess what.  A guy selling African trade beads!!!  And next to the trade beads were some marbles!!!!  I was soooo excited and so entranced that I forgot to take any pictures of his stuff. Most of his marbles were over $100, but this one was $20 so I bought it.  It's a handmade German latticinio. I loooooooove it.  The "ding" on the top is called a pontil mark. Its where the glass was cut off from the main piece.

Aiyaiyai.  I gotta go clean house.  Okay, so fast kine.  Sweetie bought this malachite piece for $1.

I think these guys work for Aloha Swap Meet. They go around setting up tents that sellers pay extra for.  They're gathered here buying $1 spam musubis.

Nate, a pastry artist was selling Red Velvet stuff.  $4 for six small slices, $5 for four cupcakes with cream cheese icing and $4 for red velvet cookies.

Here's Nate.

Sweetie is into mosaic stuff. She got this book for $1.

Margaret is stepping up her artwork . . . doing them in color now.

Wonder what he's gonna use this for.

I always admire these people with ambition who spend their free time trying to make extra money. I wish I was like that.

We went to U Choice outside of Don Quijote for some of Didi's favorite won ton min. It was really ono.

Oops . . . somebody went spill something.  

K. Gotta go.  Be back soon.


K and S said...

Happy New Year!

Kalin's Mommy said...

I think the tangerine WITH THE LEAF is for New Year's display with the mochi and good luck papers...the leaf is a MUST!

Leslie's pics said...

Happy new year!!! :-)

jalna said...

Happy New Year to you to Kat!!

I think you're right Mich.

You too Les!!