Thursday, January 17, 2019

My First Easter Egg Hunt

It might not have been my first Easter egg hunt, but it's the first one that I can remember. 

It was Up Puunui at my grandparents' house, and I remember being told to wait in the house while the eggs were being hidden. I was excited with anticipation.  I was determined to get a lot of eggs.

Finally, the hunt began. I saw my first egg. But just as I reached to grab it one of my older boy cousins snatched it up.

The same thing happened to the second egg that I saw. And the next. Soon I was the only one with an empty basket, and I wanted to cry.

Finally, my mom came and took my hand and helped me find some eggs. But, by then I was all sad. Egg hunting was not the experience that I thought it would be. 

Here's me with some of my cousins from that day. In front sitting is Dennis, one of the cousins who got to the eggs before me. 


Leslie's pics said...

kawaaaaiiii!! and sorry about your eggs :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my, your story is like mine. Almost every Easter Egg Hunt I can remember, I never got any eggs. All the ones that I could see everybody else could see and they were all faster than me so they would put it in their basket before me. Even in college, my roommates parents had a bunch of us over for Eater Dinner and her dad hid plastic eggs aorund the house with dollar bills inside and yep! You guessed it, I did not get one egg! 😂 LOL. BTW the pic of you and your cousins is so cute! Your cousins Dennis looks kolohe! LOL


jalna said...

LOL, thanks Les.

Izsmom, that is so funny!!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, you were a cute kid and Dennis looks too interested in his egg. Reminds me of a story my daughter's preschool teacher told us when one girl didn't find any eggs so my daughter took a couple of eggs from her basket to give her. We were so proud of her. Fast forward to this past Easter. Same daughter took her son to an Easter egg hunt and he ran to the outer perimeter of the lawn. Since he was the only one out there he collected a lot of eggs while the other kids picked up eggs closest to the start line. Son shared his eggs with his then 2 month old baby brother. I don't remember going to an Easter egg hunt when I was a kid. Maybe I didn't find any eggs either and blocked it out of my memory. I do remember having so fun doing egg hunts with my kids. ~e

Kay said...

Awww... You were/are so cute. You should send this post to Dennis.

Honolulu Aunty said...

So cute and sad, your story! Love your drawings. Love the photo shot at the end. I hope your cousin feels bad - if he even remembers his snatching. Do you still see him? I would hiss at him for you.

Anonymous said...

j: shame on you Dennis - he looks so happy - taking from your little girl cousin. You are so adores, J and yeah you look so sad! (BTW went back to Daiso, I know, I know I was suppose to stay away but I think I kinda addicted & got more cool stuff! though shelves still kinda empty and pau lines) -N

Mark Shelby said...

You so cute Jalna! I would have given you ALL my eggs!

'EH Dennis! You like one Slap or What>?!

.... ; )

ClaudiaMorningstar said...

sorru about Your eggs.
Ps. You look so cute in dress.

K and S said...


jalna said...

Awwww, E, I aspire to be like your daughter. I think some people are born with a giving heart. Me, I gotta work at it.

Kay, LOL.

Aunty, actually had couple more boy cousins who snatched the eggs from me, not just Dennis. I originally mentioned their names in my post but decided to delete them out 'cause it sounded harsh like I wanted to beef with them, when really, we were just kids. And you know boys. That's how they are. LOL. I still do see that side of my family once in awhile.

Thanks N. I still neva go Daiso yet. Maybe I gotta wait until they open another one closer to me.

LOL, Mark. No get too mad. We was just kids.

Awwww, thanks Claudia.

Kat, poor ting for me, yah. Hahahaha.

Susan said...

It's a way of life isn't it? We win some & we lose some. But at that hurts bad! At least you are much cuter than Dennis! ; )

Chet Colson said...

You've aged very well. Even making and coloring eggs was memorable.