Saturday, August 11, 2018

Seaweed Crunch with Almonds

My friend Cleta gave me this and I love it!! It's so danger-ono. She said it's from Costco. 

Thanks Cleta!!




Anonymous said...

I bought this seaweed snack from this store in Bodega Bay CA, I think it was kelp with sesame seeds and a bit of brown sugar. It looked good but tasted awful! LOL. I’m glad the one you tried tasted onolicious.


Anonymous said...

Jalna, I just went to Waikiki Ross' and the art aisle is fully stocked. If you have time, check it out.

K and S said...

That’s the same thing V gave me, so good!

Susan said...

Love seaweed & almonds!

jalna said...

LOL, Izsmom!

Oooooh Anon, thanks! Will check it out!

Kat, V is the mastah at discovering good treats.

Susan, me too!

Kay said...

I think I bought this at Costco. Very tasty!