Sunday, July 8, 2018

Adventures in Spearfishing - 4

Several dive outings had gone by, and I had yet to prove myself as a spearfisher-woman when things were about to change. 

On a fine summer day, in the not-too-deep waters off the shore of south Oahu, I noticed a flash of red in a puka in the rocks. All excited, I cocked my spear and swam toward it. 


It was an aweoweo. A small one. It looked at me with scared, innocent eyes as it backed up further into the hole.

In an instant I realized what I actually must've known all along . . . that there was no way I was gonna spear that fish or any other fish for that matter. 

I decided to hang up my spear after that, and I never took it out again.  I still went diving with Wendell 'cause . . . you know . . . it wasn't fish that I was trying to catch anyway.


Annie said...

Your stories and artwork are priceless!!!

Susan said...

Beautiful drawings! Hehehe...glad you caught the right fish!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Main thing - you caught what you wanted.

Anonymous said... so tender hearted. But, you knew exactly what (who) you wanted to catch! (Wink)


jalna said...

LOL, Annie, thanks!

Susan, me too.

I agree, Aunty.

Thanks, Izsmom.

K and S said...

love this story!

jalna said...

Thanks, Kat.

Leslie's pics said...

oooh you just like me...i wouldn't be able to do it either... :(

Erick said...

Love the poor fishies face, he must have been so happy you didn't spear him.

jalna said...

Yah Les, no can.

LOL, Erick.

gracie said...

you are a talented storyteller and artist! possible book in the future? <3

jalna said...

Awww, thanks Gracie. I doubt they'll be a book. I'm too lazy.