Friday, June 29, 2018

Da Andagi Guy

This was outside of Don Q Kaheka the other day. Sorry, had line so I didn't buy. But I was wondering . . . anybody try yet? 4/$1.00, regular or cinnamon sugar. 




Leslie's pics said...

It's yummy. Susan buys when she goes on her walks sometimes :)

Anonymous said...

I love andagi!


Honolulu Aunty said...

I tried at the Pearl City one but I wasn't too impressed. Andagi is not my favorite anyways.

Have you tried Teruya's Andagi on Pensacola across from Safeway? He has a limited selection of bentos and he has mochi balls - sinful. He also has andagi but I always go for the mochi balls. SUCH a nice owner, sorta like Mike at Kaheka Sushi. Good food, nice people.

Anonymous said...

Have had these in Waipahu and Pearl City--goood!

jalna said...

Les, that Susan . . . she's so nice.

Izsmom, hope you get to try!

Aunty, I've been wanting to go there ever since you mentioned it on a previous comment. I'm pretty sure that the multicompartment bento that I liked from Ala Moana Foodland came from there. But the parking. Maybe I gotta do as you suggested and go shop at Safeway first and then walk over.

Thanks Anon. I gonna try next time.

K and S said...

love their andagi, I used to see them at my mom’s church’s bon dance, but havn’t gone in some time now.

gracie said...

we always buy from Guy when he's at the waipahu donki. our kids' favaorite since they were little :)

I agree with Honolulu Aunty, Teruya's mochi balls are SOO sinful. Drool!

jalna said...

Kat, so good to know! Thanks.

Gracie, funny . . . da Andagi Guy's name is Guy! Ooooh, and mochi balls! If I had to choose, mochi balls would win.