Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Salmon Skin Salad from Kaheka Sushi

Went to visit my buddies at my old working place again, and of course I had to drop by Kaheka Sushi

I got this Salmon Skin Salad for $9.95. It was super fresh and ono. Please do drop by if you get the chance. The hard-working sushi chef owner Mike Lee is a really nice guy and does his best to please. 

One note about my salad that I think I need to tell you is that he small-kine enhanced it a bit just for me so it was pretty massive and took me two sittings to finish. 

The shop is on the ground floor of the Kaheka Professional Center at the corner of King and Kaheka. It's recessed into the building on the Kaheka Street side and is not easy to spot while driving by. Hope you get to try it, and if you do tell Mike "hi" for me.



Anonymous said...

Looks ONO!!! Does he valid if parked in the back parking lot? -lance

Susan said...

Fresh tobiko pops all over your mouth. 😀 That looks really good!

Honolulu Aunty said...

Because of you, I drop in whenever I am in the area and find parking. He IS super nice, kind of an innocent, imo, and super honest.

Being my opinionated self, I asked him what kind of rice he used because it wasn't up to my rice standards for sushi. He said he used to use Tamanishiki short grain rice (perfect for sushi) but he was wasting half the pot sometimes and had to throw it away at the end of the day, so he switched to Tanamashiki medium grain rice - which is still very good rice, but a little below sushi rice standards. His customers mostly came from the Kaheka building, so he couldn't charge as much, so he felt he needed to cut back on rice costs.

Even so, his flavoring of the rice is excellent and even a rice snob like me enjoys his sushi - my favorites being hamachi and salmon. He also makes a mean scallop nigiri which comes either plain or torched, yum! I take my daughters in sometimes and they are happy happy campers when we order and eat there.

Now you have made me hungry for sushi again.

Anonymous said...

surprising that you eat salmon skin!
Whenever I drive by your old office, I was always looking for this place and couldn't see it so that explains it.

K and S said...


jalna said...

Lance, unfortunately, I doubt that he validates parking right now.

Susan, I enjoyed it.

Awww Aunty, Mike did mention that he owes a lot to you and your family for your support.

V, it is surprising yah, but I do enjoy the crunch of the skin.

Yes, Kat!

Erick said...

I love grilled salmon skin anything. Lets go after class and drag aunty with us.

jalna said...

LOL, good idea, Erick.