Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Animal Book

Besides the Punch Board, I also got this book and a sketchbook for $1 each. I was thinking that I wanna practice drawing more, so maybe drawing animals might be a good start.


There are three animals that I like a lot. One is the octopus.

I also like elephants. 

My favorite might be orcas. Do you see a trend here?  Yes, I like smart animals. I feel kinda bad that I don't care for stupid animals. I really shouldn't discriminate. I should like all animals equally. But . . .



Anonymous said...

Jalna!!! I was sipping some really hot tea when I scrolled down to the ostrich. Wanting to laugh but not spray hot tea all over my desk and keyboard....
Thank you, my mouth is seared and burnt now. *___*


jalna said...


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha! You are so funny! I chuckled after your comment about stupid animals and then bust out laugh when I saw the ostrich pic.


Leslie's pics said...


Honolulu Aunty said...

Ha! Poor ostrich. Try paint him, just because he is a poor ting.

K and S said...

so talented!

Kay said...

Too funny! You find the most wonderful things.

Erick said...

Great drawings, you are getting good at this.

jalna said...

LOL, Izsmom.

Funny yah, Les.

Ok Aunty. I will.

Thanks Kat.

Kay, it's fun for me.

Thanks Erick.