Monday, February 19, 2018

Neocolor II

These are wax pastels that are water soluble. How can yah? Wax that's water soluble? So amazing, da Swiss. I'd been wanting to get this for a long time, and finally decided to click the buy button. I paid about $15.

Do you see the dime? That's how small the tin is.

Here's the swatch that I made. Very, very cool how the wax dissolves with water and retains the vibrant color.

I have a 100-sheet pad of 98-pound mixed media paper that I got on Lightening Deal for around $12. It totally warps with water, but I like it a lot to practice on. 



I love the transformation. If you decide to get the crayons for yourself, make sure you get II, not I. II is the water-soluble version.


K and S said...


Chet Colson said...

Amazing, what the eyes express.

jalna said...

Cool yah, Kat.

I agree, Chet.

Leslie's pics said...

soooo neat!! and i love the little girl!

Susan said...

Cool things come in small pkgs. 😘Got the small pkg the other day with the prettiest cards ever! Ty!

jalna said...

Sweet yah, Les.

You're welcome, Susan! And thank you for the gift voucher!