Thursday, January 18, 2018

Platinum Fountain Pen + Carbon Ink

Tombow, Sakura, Copic, Kuretake Zig, Posca, Tsukineko are all Japanese-brand art supplies that I love, but they can be pricey. That's why Tokyu Hands was one of the places that I looked forward to visiting most while I was in Japan. 

There was a branch a few minutes' walk from our hotel in Ikebukuro. I went twice, once with Landon and once without. I ended up spending around $60, mostly on Copic markers. 

My most favorite purchase was this Platinum brand fountain pen. It was $7. Artist extraordinaire Jane Davenport uses something similar, so of course I have to copy her.

This is extra ink cartridges that I bought to use instead of the one that came with the pen. Carbon ink is water resistant so can be used with water colors. 

I ended up liking the pen so much that when I saw that Amazon carried a similar one that's especially designed for carbon ink for only $1 more than I paid, I ordered it.

Here are some drawings that I did with the pen. I love the feel and the look of the ink, or it could be that I just like it because Jane uses it.

It really is fun to use.

This girl is very Jane Davenport-ish. I used origami paper for the dress.

Another Jane-copied girl. The notes that I write on the bottom of the pages are to help me remember what I used to color the faces. I still struggle with that.

Washi tape clothes. 

I used a lot of water and just a little bit of color for this face. It was kinda accidental, but I liked how it came out comic book-y.

I used Copic markers, colored pencils, water color paints, a white gel pen as well as the fountain pen for this one. I hated the end result and was gonna toss her. But I liked her lips so I didn't. 

Does this saying sound familiar? I think if you can't be a unicorn, then being a mermaid is good too.


Anonymous said...

You are so artistic! I love the colors that you use.


DNakamaru said...

beautiful work!

Honolulu Aunty said...

I LOVE your washi paper girls in a row with the chawan haircuts!!!! Your other drawing/paintings are really good but that one was a Jalna original - and it was da bestest!

Leslie's pics said...

i love the washi dress picture!!!! so cute!

Chet Colson said...

My friend returned from Japan too. He gave omiyagi and a pen. The pen is 3 in one; a red and blue color,plus a mechanical pencil.It's sturdy, feels good in your hand, I really like it.

Susan said...

Beautiful paintings!! Are the Japanese girls your mom, yourself and sisters ?😁

gracie said...

I love your davenport-inspired art! her instagram stories are fun to watch.. a friend gave me a davenport watercolor brush pen set last year and the colors are so VIBRANT! i just wish i could create beautiful stuff like you. my stuff looks all hamajang?! lol. the origami paper dress reminds me of an Anne Namba dress. :)

K and S said...

love seeing your artwork, so pretty!

jalna said...

It's good therapy, Izsmom. LOL.

Thanks Dean.

Aunty, those girls were fun to do.

Thanks, Les.

Chet, I just loooove Japanese stationery products.

LOL, Susan. I didn't do it on purpose, but yah, in retrospect they could be!

Ooooh, Grayce are they the Mermaid Markers? I get all excited about her products. I doubt your stuff look hamajang.

Awww thanks, Kat.

Kay said...

I am so impressed with your artwork, Jalna. You are truly talented.