Monday, July 3, 2017

Swiss Army Knife - continuation

I got one for myself! My favorite watch guy had it in his showcase. I never noticed it before because I tend to not look in showcases. I like to look at stuff that are tossed haphazardly on tables or in boxes or baskets. Stuff that are displayed in showcases tend to be out of my price range.

I really liked the yellow color so I asked to see it. 

It looked good.

It was just like the one I just gave to Wendell . . .

but better.  The two pull-out pins were still intact on this one.

One is a pick.

The other one is a tweezer. The Watch Guy said he was selling it for $5.

Then I saw this one in the showcase. It was missing my favorite tool . . . the scissors.

But I really liked it because it's made by Wenger, the other maker of Swiss Army Knives.  If I bought it then I would have one from each maker. This one was selling for $8. 

This Pierre Cardin watch was also in the showcase. It was $5. I decided to try and do a bundle deal.

In the end, because I'm a "regular customer" of his he let me have all three for $13. Yippee!!


Cloudia said...

Good finds

Leslie's pics said...


Honolulu Aunty said...

Great deal, congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a deal!


K and S said...


Susan said...

Wow! Awesome deal! I want to know if the PC watch is authentic.

jalna said...

Thanks Cloudia.

LOL, Les.

Just what I was looking for too, Aunty.

Thanks, Izsmom.

Thanks, Kat.

Susan, I looked PC watches on eBay and looks like they're not worth too much.

Anna said...

I got the small keychain in red, a gift from a Swiss lady - an absolute life saver, top quality.

jalna said...

Great gift, Anna!

Erick said...

Those are good pocket knives, that's really cheap. Good deal.