Monday, July 10, 2017

Current Project - Rubber Stamping

I noticed that my greeting card stash is getting low, so I decided to make some more. 

I loved loved loved how this came out so I wanted to share. So pretty, yah. This will end up making around 20-something individual cards.

These are the stamps that I used. It came in a set.

I'm not sure if I paid full price for the set or if I got it at the swap meet. If you're interested, it's on eBay right now here for $9.95 plus shipping. It's made by Stampin' Up and the set is called Spring Garden.

I used this ink pad for the flowers. I got mine from Fisher Hawaii awhile back. Actually, this is my second one. My first one is so old that it's falling apart. It's my absolute favorite. In fact, I like it so much that I bought inks for the five different colors so that I can re-ink it when it gets too dry.IMG_1369

Here's the finished card. 

I also stamped these to make more cards. 


Susan said...

Wow, just learned a good time saver from you! Time to get out my stamps!

jalna said...

Yay Susan! With greeting cards being so expensive nowadays, you're gonna save money too!

jenny said...

Oh my! Your cards are so beautiful! I would pay for your cards over any store bought cards any day!

Leslie's pics said...

So pretty! I don't know where you get your patience from. I'd make 5 cards and I'd be done!

Kay said...

You are so darn artistic! These are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

j: your cards are always so artistic and gorgeous. Since I got your cards, I've been using them and in today's email society, people love getting one of yours so much. I always say how it's hand made so they know how precious they are and you are right store cards are so pricey. -N

Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful cards. You are so talented!


Honolulu Aunty said...

You are so crafty and industrious!!! Very nice.

jalna said...

Aww, thanks Jenny.

Les, it's kinda therapeutic to mass produce.

Kay, I wish I could paint like your relatives.

Thank you so much, N.

Thank you, Izsmom and Aunty!

K and S said...

you are so creative!

celia said...

Thanks for sharing Jalna, your cards are so pretty!!! I really wish I could be so industrious - I agree with Leslie, 5 and I will be done.

Susan said...

Yes, I wanted to share with you that my family knows where my card stash is and it gets used up. Sadly, I've had to make a lot of sympathy cards lately. 😔 (It's therapeutic for me too.)

Dd said...

oooo....mayb we need another card making day....should I reach out to the RMDonald House again??

jalna said...

Kat, I not really too creative. I steal other people's ideas I find online.

Hahahaha, Celia, you're so busy with all your photo outings to have time anyway.

Susan, I know what you mean about sympathy cards. I kinda have that in mind when I make the cards.

Not yet, Dd. Wanna replenish my supply first.