Wednesday, June 21, 2017

PolyWatch Polish

Back in April I bought this teeny, tiny tube of PolyWatch from Amazon for $9.36. It's a polish that is used to remove scratches from the surface of watch face crystals. 

Watch crystals can be made of plastic, glass, mineral glass and synthetic sapphire. This polish only works on plastic crystals. Since I never know what type of crystal the watches I find are made of, I'm never sure if the polish will work on them. 

For the most part, it has worked only on those with minimal light scratches. 


I found this Anne Klein watch at the swap meet a couple of weeks ago. I thought that the hands and the white pattern were so pretty, but I hesitated in paying the $1 price.

This is why. When viewed at an angle you can see that it's heavily scratched.  I decided to risk the buck and hoped that the PolyWatch would work on it.

You're supposed to polish for around 2 to 3 minutes. I polished, polished, polished. I repeated it three times. It didn't work. The photo above? That's the "after" photo. 


Leslie's pics said...

awww bummer!

jalna said...

Too bad yah, Les. I gonna try and make a band and use it myself. No can give this one away.

Honolulu Aunty said...

You'll make it wonderful, scratches and all.

Anonymous said...

j: you're right, the hands and face are exquisite but the outside is too bust up. Yay you fo' trying though. -N

K and S said...

aw :(

jalna said...

You're so nice, Aunty.

Thanks, N.

Yeah, Kat.

Kay said...

You have the most incredible collection!

jalna said...

Kay, it's fun finding them.

Dd said...

wow.....cant really even see all those scratches unless you look

jalna said...

Dd, so I'm thinking maybe I can make use of it myself.

keroiam said...

So glad to have discovered your blog. So much fun to read!