Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mitsuwa Marketplace

About a month ago Wendell said that he wanted to go to Sketchers in International Marketplace. I got all excited because I had been wanting to check out Mitsuwa Marketplace. 

The entrance to the parking structure is on Kuhio Avenue. I was shocked to see how spacious the parking area was. And there was choke parking on the Friday morning that we went.











This is my new favorite eyeliner.  I got mine at Don Q awhile back. 









California Rolls ($6.99). Fried Squid Rings ($3.30). Tuna/mayo Musubi Pack ($4.17).

Buri Sashimi ($4.99). 

Ono, and there is a 5% Kamaaina discount.

I saw this on the way out. 



Susan said...

I wish we had a big Japanese marketplace here. I'd go there everyday! Food look so oishii!

jalna said...

Awww shucks, Susan. Maybe you just need to go to Japan more often!

DNakamaru said...

Oh boy! That food looks so ono!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Just like a mini Shirokiya Food Court, but better! Too bad it's in Waikiki!

Was the price of the eyeliner same as Don Quijote? A lot of the prices I noticed were about double of Japan prices, so about same as Marukai and Donki. But they had some cool stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I better get myself down there to check it out. They should build a Mitsuwa in a "local" neighborhood, easily accessible by residents. I'm quite sure they would do really well outside of Waikiki!


Myko said...

What was your impression of Mitsuwa?
By chance, do you recall if they had Gatsby Body Wipes?
There's also a Tesla Showroom on Kalakaua Ave.

jalna said...

Nice selection yah, Dean.

V, I think the price was around the same as Don Q.

I think that's a good idea, Izsmom.

Myko, I don't know if they had those wipes. I doubt I'd go back unless Wendell wants to go to Sketchers again.

Anonymous said...

J: Didn't know about that place though they sure marketed it up when they opened. Even when I worked in Waikiki I didn't venture into Waikiki, it's too much Jungle there, congested, one-way streets when you miss a street gotta go all the way around again, jay walkers, the lights, the traffic, the noise and limited parking just to name a few. Though they seem to have a lot of good restaurants. BTW when I saw you last time I wanted to comment on how your eyes just 'pop' due to your eyeliner, it was really nice and forgot to ask if you got a new eyeliner. On a separate note I went to Waipahu McD's today and they have lobster rolls for a limited time. I'm allergic but the gal told me they're good and ppl are ordering 'em up. They are $9.99 for a roll. -N

Honolulu Aunty said...

Had to laugh because your pictures were of food, food, makeup, but no Sketchers! Maybe I'll go since the parking is reasonable. Maybe.

Chet Colson said...

Pretty cool place. Gayle and I spent my birthday last week there on staycation in Waikiki. Mitsuwa reminds me of an upscale Lawson's you see in Japan. The next floor up had all the pricier restaurants like Stripsteak. Roy Yamaguchi has a restuarant there too. Fun to walk around.

K and S said...

nice parking area!

jalna said...

Me too, N . . . I hate to drive in Waikiki. My sister mentioned the lobster roll! I couldn't believe! Thanks for the eyeliner compliment. Now for sure it's my favorite.

Aunty, I realized that later too . . . no pictures of shoes! I think I might've spent 2 minutes in Sketchers, it was so uninteresting to me.

Awww, Chet, so nice way to celebrate your birthday!

Kat, so surprising yah! Wendell had no trouble with his big truck in there.

Kay said...

Oh my gosh! There's a Mitsuwa in Hawaii too! We had it in Chicago, but I didn't know they had one here.

Leslie's pics said...

awwww man! I've been there twice now and I never even seen the place! I told randy we gotta go back so I can check it out...

jalna said...

It's fairly new, Kay.

Aww shucks, Les.