Thursday, May 25, 2017

Nail Clippers

Can you guess which is my favorite nail clipper?  

I bought the top one new at the swap meet years ago. It cuts good but it's so big and forceful it's scary. The third one is a German-made Henckels clipper that I got at a rummage sale recently for 25 cents. The Revlon one is from Longs and is made in China. The bottom one is the worst one and came in a manicure kit.


This is my favorite one. Until I brought it home recently, it was the one I kept at work. 

It's made in the USA and is still sharp despite being very old. Unfortunately, W. E. Bassett Co. closed in 2012. I read that Trim clippers are now made in either China or Korea. 

After realizing how precious this clipper is I brought it home for safekeeping . . . on my craft table. No worry. I know exactly where it is. 


Chet Colson said...

Wow....I never gave it a thought to the styles and brands of nail clippers, cool.

Honolulu Aunty said...

sad, yeah? the good companies go out of business.

we have a pair of japanese nail clippers that are so sharp and well balanced. someone gave it to uncle as omiyage a few years ago and those are da bomb. so, now you have one excuse to go to japan again, neh?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing...was hoping to see an in depth photos of nail clippage;)eww

K and S said...

next time you come to japan, you should check out some of those that are made in japan, heard they are really good!

Anonymous said...

Winna! I buy quite a bit of nail clippers too because most of the ones I have don't cut very good. I have a Trim clipper which never lets me down. I'll have to check if mine is made in the US or China. ~e

jalna said...

Chet, I kinda never did before too.

It is sad yah, Aunty.

LOL, Anon.

I will, Kat!

E, if it's old it's probably made in the US! Keeper!

Anonymous said...

the one from japan has a thing that attaches to the side that keep the nails from flying. and its sharp!!

jalna said...

Interesting, Anon!

Leslie's pics said...

uuuu we gotta go Japan now I guess, eh??

Kay said...

I bought one in Hokkaido that collects the nail clippings so it doesn't fall all over the place.

JL said...

So weird! I have a favorite nail clipper too. Just checked and it is a Trim nail clipper made in USA by Bassett!

Anonymous said...

I have an old pair of Trim tweezers, over 35 years old. They still work well. Bit rusty because I didn't take care of them as I should have, but the tips are still ok.

Anonymous said...

Checked my nail clippers. Yup, it's a TRIM that I've favored for years! ~matsu

jalna said...


Kay, I hate when they fly. LOL.

Wow, JL! Mine has a "98" under USA, and I'm wondering if that's the year it was made. Does yours have a number?

I know, Anon . . . just took them for granted yah!

Put um in a safe place, Matsu! Does yours have a number on it?

Anonymous said...

It says either 37 or 87...~matsu

jalna said...

So interesting to me, Matsu . . . makes me wonder.