Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Indian Giver

A long time ago . . . maybe around 15 or more years . . . my father-in-law gave me an Omega watch. He said that he had found it on the ground somewhere. He said that Wendell and Landon didn't want it and would I like it. I actually had no interest in the watch at all, especially since it was a man's watch, but not wanting to offend my father-in-law I said okay.  I put the watch in the top drawer of my dresser next to my Shiseido skin-care products, and there it stayed.

A couple years ago Wendell received a watch display case as a Christmas present. I dug out the Omega and put it in the case. I told Wendell that his father had given it to me, but that he could have it.


Yesterday morning, I pulled the watch out of the case. I suddenly realized just how beautiful it is. Its golden face is etched slightly, giving it a somewhat matte glow. The insignia, hands and incremental demarcations have a reflective golden shine. And the most remarkable thing of all . . .  the second hand still smoothly circles its way around the face. Yes, it still works! It's an automatic watch, and is so well made that just moving the watch slightly helps to charge it.

As I stood by the window light admiring the watch, Wendell asked what I was looking at. I said, "The Omega watch."  He said, "Omega? Whose watch is that?"

I said, "Um . . . mine." 


Leslie's pics said...


Anonymous said...

j: wow Omegas are pricey! You could always re-sell on Ebay or sumthin' becuz it seems certain ones are collectibles. I'm soooo not into watches though. I do prefer the self winding vs. the battery ones which drive me batty when they just die on you. When I worked at Kahala my co-worker told me that the real rich folks, they aren't showy. But what they all do is spend money on is a watch. I noticed that too, they'd don't wear expensive designer clothes but expensive designer shoes, but low key kind. Never noticed their watches though. That's why she was saving up her money to buy one of those expensive ones (she dressed impeccably) -N

Honolulu Aunty said...

Ho ho ho - it IS yours, right?

K and S said...


Anonymous said...

did you check what it's worth? kind of a lot!, especially if it is a gold case. not as much as a real choppard, though. LOL

Anonymous said...

j: I was worried about your home flooding today. Hope you're ok! N

jalna said...

LOL, Les!

N, me too, I was never really into watches until recently. The interest might be just fleeting though. Interesting what you said about rich folks.

Totally yah, Aunty!! So good that Wendell has bad memory. LOL!!

Ahaha, Kat.

I did check, V. I hope it's gold . . . gonna bequeath to Landon, especially since it was his grandpa's. And yah, gonna be looking for a choppard at the swap meet now.

OMG N, thanks . . . me too . . . I was worried. But Wendell was home. He said it did pour for a spell and he busted out our new pump.

Susan said...

That's a nice watch!! My boyfriend, now husband, gave me an Omega watch for Valentines Day. I lost it : ( Yes, it's expensive.

jalna said...

Oh no, Susan. I hope whoever found it appreciated it and gave it a good home.